Sunday, September 5, 2010

Evening, Hope Valley Trailer Park

A lot has happened since I last wrote this afternoon. Trailer park living is anything but exciting. Last I wrote I'd had a shower and Laura had had a bath and I'd walked the dog. Laura and I read for a bit and I napped. Napping is an integral part of the RV reading routine. Laura had made a list of what she thought we needed for provisions so we planned an excursion to the Big City. Hope with a couple of gas stations and churches is a few miles away. Gilbert, Laura and I all loaded into the truck. Gilbert was beside himself with all the excitement. He squirmed and circled and grinned with excitement.

I drove us to town and left Gilbert in the truck while we shopped. To Gilbert this was about equivalent as the american people finding out that President Nixon, their president, really had lied. Gilbert and our relationship would never be the same but like the American people Gilbert can't remember things like politician dishonesty so when we returned with $300 worth of food and household stuff Gilbert completely forgot we were the mean people who'd abandoned him. He barked with glee, did circles and grinned. He doesn't even know about Clinton. He's that young and full of enthusiasm for life.

After the grocery store we went on to Fields where Laura and I again abandoned Gilbert like Canadian Prime Ministers have abandoned the people in locked trucks without even the keys in the ignition. Laura and I proceeded to have in depth discussion about bathroom mats and plastic brooms. I escaped from the seriousness of these philosophical and theological debates on colour and texture to swipe a half dozen worksocks and underwear on sale at a ridiculously low price in this discount store. Laura had found the only wastebasket which would actually fit the space designated for such in the new RV. Gilbert had more toys to assuage our guilt. He quickly forgot we were those people and did all manner of jumping up and down in celebraition of our faithfulness. Like a teenager he took the toys and began making noise.

We then drove back to the trailer park. I unloaded the truck and Laura stowed. When we were done Gilbert sat at the door and watched all the world go by outside the screen door of the new trailer. I posted a picture of us as Trailer Park Boys on Facebook.

Laura made dinner of bavarian sausage, kraft dinner and peas. It was exquisite. After we ate I returned to reading and for the next several hours did more napping than reading. Carl Hiaasen's Star Island is very funny. Somehow amidst the napping I managed to finish it. Outside some kids were walking by a lot. Men were talking about brakes and trucks in the next campground. The sun was out when I began reading and now it's gone leaving darkness in it's wake.

I've napped a whole lot of today. When you don't nap or have time to read in the busy schedule of things, it can be really exciting.

A person without an RV or who had never been to a trailer park wouldn't consider any of this worth writing about. In Trailer Park World I suspect we are the buzz. Very few trucks move once they arrive. It may be the aim here is, now I may be wrong so don't quote me, to relax. He who naps most wins, may well be a trailer park motto. It wouldn't surprise me.

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