Friday, September 17, 2010

Cripple Lake, British Columbia

I wonder if the lake was called Cripple Lake after some fat out of shape desk jockey old fart like me came up here for a hunting trip. I'm still walking bent from the accident and having a hard time finding anyway I can get to sleep without the neck pain. Combine that with the fact that I'm driving, motorcycling, and walking about albeit slowly. Fortunately hunting requires stalking and driving slowly so you can scan open areas as you pass.

Meanwhile I'm with a couple of young men who have almost as much energy as my puppy Gilbert. It takes all Laura's energy just to keep Gilbert out of trouble. I picked up a splitting axe for Luke when I was in town. With my regular axe he'd split a pile of hardwood he'd found and chainsawed in the bush. He and Sonny had been hiking around the marsh and seen another moose but not been able to get a clear shot. For the second day Luke's taken the canoe out , yesterday to hunt ducks and today to fish.
Sonny drove into town to keep his business going. We both commiserated about the long hours businessmen have to put in. It's like private practice.

"I wasn't sure I'd be able to get away but my wife said I just had to. 'you never take time for yourself, she said.....she's just awesome, loves to come pheasant hunting with me, we'd taken up clay pigeon shooting together and it just progressed....she's an incredible cook, says if I clean it she'll cook it ... She has something like 36 ways she cooks pheasant and they're all fabulous!"

I cooked up bacon and eggs easy over this morning. No one would call them fabulous but everything tastes good out in the woods. The clouds had passed and we had a sunny day. I didn't see anything when I was out this morning. A chipmunk took offense to me sitting under his favorite tree. I had a coffee from my thermos all the while he complained about intrusions in chipmunk world. It was a beautiful clearing I was watching with lots of slash and new growth forest.

When I returned to the motorcycle the clutch didn't work so I headed back to camp in first. It was terrific having it run so well after Andre fixed it at his Robert's Road Small Engine Repair Shop.

Now I've the generator running with a light bulb in the tent and one over the camp stove. We're waiting for the guys to get back to cook something. I'd already have cooked up some grouse but they have them in the cooler in the back of their truck. Laura had been sitting reading in this truck with Gilbert sleeping beside her.

I've stopped in for a moment of warmth and truck cozy. "I'm not afraid of bears in here either!" Laura said. So we're splurging on gasoline and living it up at Cripple Lake.


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