Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cripple Lake Campsite

The guys didn't make it back tonight. I figure they most likely got stuck. I've spent several nights in my truck waiting for morning to make my way out. Their ATV had a malfunction already. They had to hike miles to get a lift back to camp. I thought maybe they'd shot a moose and were having to hike it back. I trust they're well.

It was a rough night arriving here at 130 am and setting up camp. I couldn't get the cot up or the heater working. Laura was beat as was I.Gilbert woke me as usual at 7. So I was first up. I couldn't find coffee and it turned out we didn't have mugs. Luke eventually had coffee brewed because it turned out my stove didn't work. Gilbert got in z dirty puddle and came into the tent to lie on laura's face. Not a good start to the day.

I finally got on my Honda 230 motorcycle and headed out with my 30:06. It's awesome terrain around here. I immediately spooked a big black bear bu it had gone into deep brush by the time I was off the bike and loading the rifle. I put out a target and got bullseye a out 100 yards. That's when I began coming across grouse shooting off the heads with my rifle. When I headed back to camp it was noon and I had 8 grouse.

Gilbert was most intrigued as I was cleaning the on the makeshift dock by the lake. Laura was feeling better. I drove back into town and got the things web were missing. It was duck when I completed the hour drive back.

Laura said the guys had shot some grouse taken food and gone out for the night hunt. The fire has been warm. Luke chopped a lot of wood.

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