Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lynx, Fort St. James

I am grateful that I have been fortunate to see so big cats in the wild. I've seen bobcats and cougar but only twice now have I seen lynx. They're amazingly beautiful creatures whose gaze is other worldly. Their faces are ancient. I took pictures with my Nikon Coolpix with the 10 zoom telephoto but would gladly have had the cameras my brother and nephew carry for this moment. The Nikon Coolpix however is so small and light that I can carry it in a pocket when I'm hunting and carrying rifles, ammo, binoculars and all manner of gear associated with the primary endeavor. Still I like the pictures. They don't do justice to the moment though.

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RandyNV said...

Wow, I think that's the first time someone I know, has spotted a Lynx in the wild.

You had to be very alert to spot it, I bet.

Good Work.