Sunday, September 5, 2010

Afternoon, Hope Valley Trailer Park

A lot has happened since this morning. Laura made bacon sandwiches. This set the smoke alarm off. I stopped the high pitched shreik by taking the battery out twice. This occasioned us finding and using the stove fan and the overhead fan. Gilbert begged bacon successfully. Laura's a soft touch. I let him watch me eat my whole sandwich doing dutiful begging dog 'work' and rewarded him with the corner of the end of my sandwich reinforcing dog begging behaviour as my dad did and my grandfather did before him. We like dogs quiet and serious when we're eating.
I showered in warm water. Laura bathed in warm water laced with two kettles of boiling water.
Gilbert and I walked about the trailer campgrounds, this time going in the other direction. Some dogs barked at Gilbert. He peed on bushes.
I was impressed with some of the more experienced RV folks cool additions. I even saw a guy charging his trailer battery with his truck battery. That could be a useful peice of information.
I dried off Gilbert's paws and belly again. He rolled over like it's a fun routine.
I read up on Atwood DSI water heaters and solved the problem of the water heater. It's now boiling out of the tap. The freezer is frozen and fridge is cold. Everything in the trailer is working as it should. I even got the rear window cover unstuck. Gilbert now likes sitting on the bed looking out this big window at the neighbors dog.
I even phoned a truck dealer who offered to trade up my Ranger for an F150 with more hauling power. I'd just make payment for another year. No change in financial status overall. A thought to ponder. It's pretty obvious that Laura and I have what it takes to be trailer trash so we may as well have the higher power too.

I've read Star Island and scratched Gilbert's belly. He has a nap for a bit then comes to visit. We roll about and then he goes back to day dreaming Fifi or rabbits and I go back to reading. Laura's reading her book now. In keeping with the trailer trash look she's sporting a black bra and wrap around skirt. I think she looks fetching in the new look. I'm in stained red tshirt, blue expandable shorts and mauve socks. I'm already sporting a bit of a belly. I forgot where I was and shaved. A little practice and I won't make that mistake next time. The sun has come out.

The neighbour's started a fire and are sitting around it outside. Laura and I have considered the picnic table from the viewpoint of the window but we haven't actually sat outside. I think the furnace is Godly. I've not put up the awning. That's another event to look forward too.

We've talked about a truck trip into town 10 minutes away to get dinner and things like a broom and candles. Candles sound good.

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