Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chinatown Xray and Ultrasound, 180 Keefer Street, Vancouver,BC

I've been sending patients to the Chinatown Xray and Ultrasound on the second floor of the Chinatown Mall on Keefer Street for over a year now. The results have always been excellent and patients have always appreciated the services. There's a lab at the same location.
When I went to my doctor in North Vancouver, unable to convince myself that my post accident pain and suffering was wholly psychosomatic and due to insufficient breast feeding as a child, he actually recommended Chinatown Ultrasound. "I often have to wait weeks more at other locations whereas they often have the best service."
As a doctor I should be immortal and indeed even now am seeking out the kryptonite that has no doubt has been placed somewhere in my proximity. I really am the worst patient I know. Lots of isolation and solo whimpering. Nonetheless limping and sore I staggered over to have the x-rays and ultrasounds. The service was superb. Delightfully pleasant and upbeat staff.
The laughing xray lady must have been a chiropractor in his last incarnation as she forced my neck into all manner of contortions that confirmed that it couldn't possibly be broken and indeed it felt better after she ordered it to 'assume the position'. The ultrasound lady had just finished with a pregnant girl who came out with radiant smile and the 'glow'. I hobbled in and was treated kindly and professionally. The ultrasound specialist was even called in because I had calcification in the tendons of the knee and the technician wanted him to take a peek. He asked me a number of clinical questions and insisted psychotherapy was not the solution for such a traumatized knee. "Looks like it's actually trying to heal itself, though. Might have been a hematoma or some fibers that tore at the insertion." He was really a caring and nice man. I was impressed that he didn't recommend amputation but would never have let on that I thought it was anything 'serious'.
It was reassuring that there wasn't a microscopic alien invasion. Indeed I walked out reassured and felt well cared for. They're 'diagnosticians' but therapeutically I was very impressed. Something about the attitudes and tempo of the place. Lots of healing fen shui probably.
I went down stairs and had some Chinese fish and chow mien in the market buffet, After that I saw the barbershop and got a haircut. "You look a whole lot better, " Al the barber said. I don't think he was just praising his own work. I really did look scruffy and after his ministrations I looked 'cleaned up'. If I'm going to live I might as well look better, I thought.
I actually saw some patients and didn't snap at them. I actually swapped tales of braking as cars came at me when I didn't need to brake and imagining myself going over cliffs when I was driving just normally. She'd had an accident a year ago and despite driving is still traffic shy at times involuntarily drawing back when she sees a big car coming at her.
What amazes me is that I actually feel better having sought help from a family physician, done what he recommended, went to Chinatown Ultrasound and Xray, and actually found out that I'm not going to die yet. Normally I'd just review my will, moan a lot alone, talk to the mirror and tell myself it's all in my head, and say that I deserve this because of my sins and know God is punishing me. I'd suck on my suffering. But then I'm a physician and physicians make the worst patient.
And that's what the kind psychiatrist masquerading as a radiologist and ultrasound doctor said to me, "We all know doctors make the worst patients, don't we". Yea, and that was good psychotherapy. I think the family physician poet said the same thing.

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