Monday, March 8, 2010

BC Boat and Sportsman Show, BC Hunting Show

This was a great outdoorsman event at Abbottsford Tradex. Amazing variety of outdoors contributors, boats, 4 wheel drive vehicles, all the angling and fly fishing accessories, fishing and hunting guides, destinations, carvings, leatherwork, cooking gear, waterproof equipment, bows, rifles, tents, RV's, telescopes, binoculars, Yamaha, Italian Hunting Store, Steveston Marina and all the organizations like BC Wildlife Federation. BOW, Being an Outdoors Woman, program was highlighted too.
The signage to the Tradex continues to be confusing but we found it despite arriving on the motorcycle in heavy rain. I was thankful to an East Indian woman in a gas station and my GPS unit on my iPhone. I triangulated all the information I had to go on and arrived at Tradex to really enjoy hot coffee and all the presentations and booths.
Laura and I loved the Tradex show but the rain had only become heavier when we left with early afternoon darkness from the low overhanging clouds. Soon my visor was fogged and dripping rain. I lifted it till semis passing sprayed my glasses with dirt forcing us off the freeway. Hard driving with pelting rain. We drove to Fort Langley, stopping for an expresso, cleaning visor and glasses and reconnoitering back woods trails with gps and map, finally taking the #10 to King George then over the Patella Bridge to follow Kingsway back to Vancouver, cold and very wet.
Laura and I felt we'd not only visitted the outdoors show but participated in the full outdoors experience. Thank god for the hot Chinese home delivery food and a hot shower at the end of the ride!

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