Sunday, March 21, 2010

Max's Delicatessan and Bakery A decade back I lived around the corner from Max's Delicatessen and Bakery. As a result it became my favourite place for coffee and often the source of my lunches or dinner. In spring and summer I'd sit outside with my dog on his leash while all the other dogs visitted us. I think it was because of Max's and all the dog lovers who came here that they've opened a dog grooming spa on Oak.

I moved away and only got back occasionally till recently when I've begun visitting again with a friend who lives nearby. I can't get over how nutritious the dinner's are. I've eaten the lasagnas, the chickens, the quiches, the hot potatoes, the salads and too much of the incredible pastry. If you leave out the pastry the food is really healthy for the body whereas the pastry lifts the heart. What's as astonishing is the price. I come away with a whole meal that's literally home made and it costs as little as a fast food combo. The thing is, the delightful staff are almost as quick.

The only difference seems to be that Max's is busier. They've increased the staff and they've also added a fireplace.

And I love it. Tonight I had salmon steak with vegetables By not looking to the left where the pastry resides I was able to get away without indulging in the blueberry creation I've already had a couple of times this month. It can be done.

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