Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oasis Coffee and Bistro , Agassiz

Oasis Coffee and Bistro, Agassiz, BC is a serious biker breakfast stop. That's is if you don't want whiskey in your coffee. There weren't any fights for entertainment either. It appealed to the woman in a pink Harley hoodie riding on the back of my bike. There weren't a lot of leathers in the bistro. There was white hair and the occasional cane. The waitresses were young and gorgeous.

The chef was amazing. Came out and asked us how we liked our breakfast. Felt like a visit from a Parisian cordon bleu. If she takes that interest in her hashbrowns which were incredible I could only imagine how she'd do a souffle! She did threaten Laura with the information that she'd just baked some pastries. Laura fessed up child abuse. "I used to buy pastries and tell them they were for my children but I ate them all myself." I'm not going to call the Child Protection right now but her granddaughter should be informed that she's at risk.

What's in a breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, jam and toast. Americo coffee's. This was $17 for two. Some trucker stops have the same for $10 for two these days. I remember when coffee was a dime and eggs and bacon cost a $1. Taxes were fixed at 10% and politicians weren't supposed to lie. Armies went to war for defence and kids learned to tie shoelaces because the world didn't come in velcro. The older I get the more expensive the world and life becomes. Quality though costs. This was a special breakfast. Everything fresh and country. Everything nutritious and delicious.

Country music playing in the background. Lots of windows. Light and space. Washrooms were clean. That doesn't seem to come with the cheap truckstop breakfasts. Cleanliness costs. Everything was wholesome. It had the flavor of a West Vancouver Starbucks, that Kitsilano Blenz and Vancouver Waves d├ęcor but somehow country inspirational. Local paintings on the wall for sale. Upholstered comfortable seating. Internet connection. No rush. Visible parking lot for motorcycle. Across from the Agassiz train museum.

Agassiz is this small farming bedroom community 6 miles from Harrison's Hotsprings at the junction of highway 7 and 9. I don't remember seeing anything but houses and apartments years back when I drove through. Now it's really taken a tourist turn for the best. Parks and storefronts have had a facelift. It's become a proud community. Tourists are as important as cows. Still the community is farmer friendly. Tractors drive through town with aplomb.

Despite the leathers and my looking like a criminal on my passport photos we were really treated well. I think they've had to deal with cowboys so long in this town that bikers aren't that different.

Oasis Coffee and Bistro is definitely on my favourite's list.


Anonymous said...

Hi William!

Thank you for this wonderful write up you did. We have since moved on from Oasis but would LOVE for you to come and visit us at our newest venture the Hope Golf Club. Lunch is on us next time you are out for a bike ride :)

Oasis Coffee & Bistro, Agassiz said...

Hi William!!

I am the new owner for Oasis and would welcome a visit from you anytime!! We loved your write up on the Oasis - and have shared many of the same experiences with the previous owners as well - which is why we have kept *almost everything the same :) Added a TV and changed the station from country to classic rock - but other than that the menu and prices have remained the same!! Come visit us on your way to Hope - Breakfast is on us!!