Saturday, March 27, 2010

Staten Island

This is a very special movie. Naturally I thought it was a mobster movie. It's what it looks like. Shoot em up. Gangsters. Molls. That's what I expected. What I got was something a whole lot more. Yes there were mobsters, and shoot outs and a whole lot of suspense and excitement. But there was also this story, this very spiritual and telling story. It's hard to believe it was there all along but the mystery just doesn't come clear till the very end of the story and then there's "aha" and a warm fuzzy feeling like you don't get at the end of mobster movies and gangster movies but you get at the end of this movie. It's brilliant.

Ethan Hawke's performance is truly amazing. Vincent D'Onofrio is poetic. Seymour Cassel is perfect. James DeMonacao's writing and directing are truly extraordinary. This is a unique movie. One of a kind and well worth seeing.

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