Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bernard Cornwell

I love really good historical fiction. It's one of my true joys of 'light reading'. Not only is there a good romp but I invariably learn something too. Bernard Cornwell is truly one of the masters of the genre. I got hooked on his Sharpe series and now have just finished his book Azincourt.

Azincourt follows the story of an archer who in the 1400's lives in England before becoming part of King Henry's army that invades France. His personal story with the 'coming of age' elements and the most poetic romance intertwines with the famous 1415 Battle of Azincourt.

The English "long bow" naturally features strongly in this story. It gives the English a technological edge not disimiliar to the edge that the bored rifle gives the hero Sharp in that series.

Bernard Cornwell is a prolific writer and his books have gone on to be television series which I've enjoyed as I have his books. He's just a very good story teller with a fine appreciation of the human character, an appreciation of history and the value of research, as well as an endearing sense of humor.

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