Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mt. Baker Harley Davidson

Mt. Baker Harley Davidson used to be called Bellingham Harley Davidson but it's now under new ownership. They've changed the name and they're doing a great job. We stopped by after staying at the Best Western Lakeway Motel.

We loved the Best Western Lakeway Inn after a night drive down from Vancouver. I got to use my enhanced driver's license which serves as a passport crossing the Canada/US border by motor vehicle. The Best Western had really friendly staff letting me park my motorcycle right out front safe in the light. The Oboe Restaurant served superb filet mignot . Norma was a delight. The beds were huge and firm. We slept like babies. Waking we walked groggily down to the Jacuzzi for an executive work out in the amniotic fluid. I flexed my eye lids for a bit. The fresh coffee in the lobby helped us gather our wits before we gathered up our gear.

Back on the bike we made the treacherous adventurous expedition at the high speed of 30 km/hr the 1 to 2 mile distance to the Mt Baker Harley Davidson. A half dozen bikers had already gathered in front of the store on their Harleys to witness our arrival. When asked how far we'd come, I described in detail how I'd changed into second gear taken 3 gps checks and come all the way from the Best Western Lakeway just a few blocks away. Cruising isn't racing. I wouldn't want to get saddle sore on such a fine sunny first day of spring. It was time for a break.

The service department instantly solved my vision problem. My visor was so scratched that I'd not been able see for weeks. I'd just known something was missing in that high speed freeway ride down to Bellingham the night before. It was thoroughly amazing how a new helmut visor could take a whole lot of challenge out of motorcycling.

Laura got a pink bling Harley cell phone accessory. She's always texting her kids, cousins and nieces. While she and Marla were looking at all the Harley Davidson fashion wear I drooled all over the new 2010 Harleys.

We really liked their selection of everything. It's amazing how each dealer taste shows and while there's so much the same there's just still so many surprises. Harley has so wide a variety of inventory that it's clearly hard for anyone to stock it all. Marla was a pleasure to deal with.

Leaving one of the managers came out and helped take our picture when I was doing the proverbial Harley self timer running between the fast moving cars that thoughtlessly kept interfering with our picture by our bike in front of another Harley dealership. This one we really liked and look forward to returning to. I can't get enough of the incredible the coast rides between Vancouver Canada and Seattle and Portland. This has got to be some of the best Harley riding in the world.


Gregory said...
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Gregory said...

Sorry I missed you guys, I was on a ride with some customers. Thanks for stopping in and the kind remarks. If you pass through on your way back I'd would like to welcome you personally. Cheers, Greg Head, Owner, Mt. Baker Harley-Davidson

haykind said...

So I guess your staff only slough us and mess with you're there because whey you're not there they were so terrific. We loved your store and can't wait to get back. Amazing selection and service.