Saturday, March 6, 2010

Motorcycling Highway 7

Trev Deely Harley Davidson Dealership had my Harley ready for me yesterday. I trust the Deely mechanics. So the bikes ready for another great season of road trips. Today was the first.
Laura had to find her Harley coat and chaps while I searched high and low for the cable lock and cargo bungee.
Road Trip/Road Trip. Road Trip/Road Trip. That's the sound the Harley made as we drove down Hastings Street heading for the Barnett Highway and Highway 7. All the other bikes on the street that weren't going off to the country simply withered as we passed.
Tork Communications on Hastings wasn't open so despite having the new Tork blue tooth motorphones for wearing in our helmuts, and despite figuring out the installation, couldn't get them to work. Even if Tork had been open they couldn't very well have helped us because some silly light didn't come on because a silly fellow hadn't charged the silly battery.
Laura and I continued on then returning to our "default" communication mode. Shouting at each other. "What did you say? What did you say?I couldn't hear you?"
At one point she was trying to tell me I was going the wrong way on a one way street but then the driver of the truck coming at me clarified what she was shouting. It was one of those silly intersections and I was turning anyway so I really wasn't going that way but the driver and Laura seemed confused about my plans so I belatedly put on my turn signal. The Tork communications might well have helped then, especially if the driver of the truck happened to be on our network.
Opening up to 70 k on the Barnett Highway was a jolt. I had the vent open on my coats so my nipples instantly froze at windchill minus 50. I was trying to use one hand to pull them and communicate with Laura by slapping her hand to get her to pull my coat down since when I tried to pull the zipper it only exposed my belly button. In Port Moody I pulled over and dressed myself, thankful for having made the decision to wear long johns. The sun was spectacular and blue skies went on forever but it was still cold in the shadow of the mountains.
We stopped to converse with a Shetland pony and Emu. They were as interested in us as we were in them. Laura said, "I'd love to write a children's story with them as the main characters. I'd name the pony Wilson and the Emu, Clarabelle and describe all the adventures the two of them got up to, and get my sister to paint it." Clarabelle and Wilson were quite taken with the idea and posed for many pictures I took with iphone. I spoke with their agent and am sure that they would do the movie of the book for a moderate number of apples.
At the E Cafe we stopped for breakfast having sausages and eggs right next door to the fireworks store. It was all I could do to resist buying more explosives. I have disturbed neighbours and campgrounds with fireworks at odd hours irritating their parents and pleasing the children of friends and strangers. A dog barked all night one time after I blew off some rather spectacular firecrackers at a lake.
The roads were thick with motorcycles. When I took out my insurance the lovely insurance lady told me "a whole lot of you people are doing it early this year." So there were everykind of motorcyle on the road with a whole lot of Harleys ridden individually or with couples.
I'd phoned ahead for accomodation in Harrisons and found several places we'd stayed at before were fully booked. It's Spring Break so all the kids are out and that's why all the parents and grandparents have escaped to Harrisons.
Executive Hotel had one cancellation so we felt ourselves fortunate to get reservations. I don't know how I'd missed staying here because it's turned out to be one of our favourite hotels. Superb service, great rooms, excellent meals, beautiful view, in the town site and the public natural spring pool a walk across the street. There's even a jacuzzi down the hall in the exercise room which I have yet to use. (I plan to use the jacuzzi not the exercise room in case there was any confusion there.)
This motorcycle road trip is rough and tough and I felt I deserved to languish in the hotsprings for an hour becoming some kind of human glue that was offended by gravity when I oozed out of the pool.
Now I am utterly exhausted by typing so will go check out this jacuzzi. Tomorrow we are off to the BC Boat and BC Sportsman and BC Hunting Show at the Abbotsford Tradex. Laura insists that I can't buy another gun because there's no room on the motorcycle. I suspect if we found something that we absolutely needed we'd find a way to carry it on the motorcycle. There was the palm tree that I carried on the scooter.

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