Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vancouver Motor Cycle Show

The weather was warmer this year. A lot more people rode their bikes to the Vancouver Motor Cycle Show at Tradex in Abbotsford. Richard, Laura and I drove out in my Chevy Impala courtesy car, parking it on the road and walking to the event. I was wearing my Harley HOG vest. Once I was a little ways from the car, no one knew I hadn't come by motorcycle. Richard has a Buell. Laura keeps insisting her short legs suit scooters. At best she liked the enduros. Richard looked good on a Fat Boy. A lot of people there this year and a lot of nice bikes. Trev Deely and Barnes had great Harleys. I sat on the 2010 Electro glide. There is definitely a heaven and in that heaven I'm riding an Electroglyde. Richard liked the new 1200 BMW's. The Ducatis looked the fastest of them. The English bikes were really retro. You couldn't beat the prices or varieties of the Hondas, Yamahas and Kawasakis. I love my Honda 230 enduro. Lots of accessories there as well. The motorcycle societies, Association of Injured MotorcyclIsts, BC Association of Motocyclists, the motorcycle lawyer, Bikers for Jesus, Star Motorcycling Society, Mojo Motorcycle Mag, leathers, 4x4's and even a speed boat. Ironhorse Enterprises had the best gadget, the Ironhorse Caddybag for carrying golf clubs on the back of a motorcycle. I just might get one installed next fall for carrying golf clubs or rifles. The price was about the same as a regular golf bag. While I would have liked to have driven off on a new Harley I left instead with a Tork blue tooth helmut intercom for a passenger or another biker within a quarter mile. That will cut down on the inane shouting into the wind and the return, "I can't hear you". It might be after I've got communication happening I'll want to go back to the quiet inside the helmut but the guy said if that was the case I could use it to listen to the music on my Iphone. Great show and great fun with friends.

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