Friday, January 8, 2010

Acute and Chronic Pain

Acute pain is a stranger.

Chronic pain is an old acquaintace:

The dinner companion bore,

Or the irritating insinuating mother in law,

Or the taxman and sheriff rolled all into one.

Acute pain I can deal with.

Chronic pain is a reminder.

It's an old lover that asks questions,

Do you remember when, and where we first met.

Acute pains brings me to religion

Chronic pain erodes my faith.

Acute pain, I want to live, desperately.

Chronic pain, I want to die, finally.

Acute pain is shocking.

Chronic pain is numbing.

Acute pain is something I must deal with.

Chronic pain is something I must ignore.

Acute pain surprises.

Chronic pain blames.

Acute pain I take to the doctor,

Chronic pain, I take to the grave.

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