Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazon Kindle

Kindle is a e reader for electronic books. Amazon has a great collection of ebooks for kindle format. I just downloaded Handbook of Psychodrama, some Scientific American writings as well as a biography of Persig,writer of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Racing. There are thousands of titles. The iphone screen is even better to read than my old Treo, having more screen since the touch keyboard projects onto the screen or retracts leaving more room for video, pictures and reading. I love the new technology and all the entertaining free aps at the App store. Today I downloaded a free piano and like a little kid with a zylophone was making up tunes with this piano that scrolled a full piano but showed a little more than an octave on the screen. I could easily be distracted by this and computer chess and such but really just wanted to comment on Amazon's wide range of books and how much pleasure the kindle format is giving me. By far the best ebook reading I've had to date.

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