Friday, January 22, 2010

Against the Ropes

Meg Ryan's acting is sensational in this boxing story based on the true life of early female boxing manager Kallen. Meg Ryan plays darling, cute, smart and sexy but in this movie she is 'ballsy' and blatantly tough. She portrays amazing depth and breadth of character in the drama of this fight movie. The girls are women and the boys are men. It's a real movie thanks to the writing of Cheryl Edwards and direction of Charles S. Dutton. Omar Epps playing the boxer is a real pro. From street thug to gentleman he's a sensation all his own. Together Meg Ryan, Omar Epps team up with Charles S. Dutton playing the trainer to fight the bad good guy boxing promoter played deviously by Tony Shalhoub. A real feel good movie with some really hard hits.

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