Friday, January 1, 2010


This is a truly remarkable movie that mixes sci fi, fantasy, adventure and vampire effects to create an intellectual metaphor akin to Matrix with a Da Vinci Code historical search all wrapped in a special humanity of family and community. The world is divided into day and night each with it's own police department answering to a century old truce.

It is Moscow's Brother's Karimosov to Hollywood's Great Gatsby. I picked it up as a major thriller only to be caught up in a cast of characters reminiscent of a Woody Allen film. The special effects were fascinating but very unAmerican and the music was truly European. The actors and actresses, characters and characterization were all so uniquely different. The Russians are amazing. Directed by Timor Bekmanbetov, it starred Konstantin Khabensky. I would love to list the names of all the stars but the writing at the end of the movie was cryllic. Definitely an action flick it that was much more and then some.

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