Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laura’s Birthday

Laura turned 17 or some such number that grandmother's use. Birthday's are good excuses to get together with friends for dinner's out and movies. We set out to see Avatar because Kirk and Kirk and Kirk and everyone else raved about it. The only showing available on Saturday night was 10: 30 , the earlier showing sold out by 5 30. So we chose Sherlock Holmes with time for dinner and a walk on Robson.

Two doors over from the Scotia Theatre is this marvelous SalaThai Thai restaurant Burrard. We ordered the dinner for two and it felt like we were back at Chris' ,my neighbor in Saipan ,whose girlfriend was Thai. I'd go over and the collection of Thai girls would just love to serve us this great food. The house choices were like that, eating what somebody's mother or the chef figured was a good meal. And it was with spring rolls, soup, prawns, and chicken curry and coconut ice cream disguised by Thai names. Laura said she loved it and regaled me with the tales of the greatest man on earth, her huge human hulk grandson whose 26 lbs and growing. "I nearly threw my back out lifting him at Christmas, he's become so big." (The dad probably uses Harley Davidson supplements for kids....Laura's granddaughter is already a kick ass 4x4 er )

Robson was beautiful at night with the lights. All pretty for the Olympics. Vancouver, a city to be proud of.

Now Sherlock Holmes was a great choice if only for the best dog in movie recently. Beautiful seductress and lovely Victorian near love scenes, major action, great acting and terrific Holmes and Watson, and what intrigue. I was thoroughly captivated, ate a bag of popcorn without knowing it despite being full from dinner. Were it not for the popcorn I would have chewed my fingernails to the bone. This is theatre at it's finest. So much entertainment. I really do think movies are getting better.

Laura loved Holmes and Watson too. Dropping her off at her place I drove my truck home thinking I was born in the wrong time. A carriage with horses has something over even a Ford Ranger Truck. And to be able to carry a sword to duel blackguards and pistols to fire at blackhearts seems superior in some ways than hiring lawyers. They had those too but the choices seemed better in some ways. Though I don't think I'd like to be a peasant. We do much better as peasants today.

I dropped off my laundry on the way out last night and do like clean clothes. The Victorians didn't wash so much and were considered malodorous by the more cleanly Chinese who found the Europeans rather vulgar back then. I loved the period views of Thames and Parliament. I'd love to sail my boat in to that harbor.

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