Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prairie Fever

This is a great western. Well, a great woman's western. Alright, a great western. Kevin Sorbo plays the grief stricken alcoholic ex - sheriff Preston Biggs who gets the job of taking three mentally ill women,(Dominque Swain, Jillian Armenault, Felicia Day) , to Carson City. He does this to pay his bar tab. The women aren't just crazy with prairie fever but each has a remarkable story and make profound transformations on the real and psychological journey. Bigg's not only has to address his alcoholism but come to terms with the influence of Olivia the 4th woman on the journey escaping from her hustler gambler husband, Monty James, played by Lance Henriksen. Olivia stands up to her past and makes herself a new future. All this is happening against a background of ex convicts gunning for the sheriff who put them in jail and men gunning for women. It's a great story. A terrific western. Sorbo who played Hercules and the captain in futuristic Andromeda makes a great cowboy, doing a transition from uncaring burn out to someone he once was. Great psychological drama but just as fine gun slinging scenes with real women and real men. Terrific mules, beautiful horses and wagons and uplifting western family fun. Very creative writing and quite brilliant writing by Berman. Bridgewater and Cass directed it and. I loved it. Thanks.

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