Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Another great futuristic movie. We're in the era of the artificial limbs, robots and androids. It is a well written story adaptation of the comic, Surrogates, directed by Jonathan Mostow. The action is terrific. And yet, despite the theme, a very human tale of a man and wife. The man, Bruce Willis, is however FBI. Naturally he's hunting for a cop killer. His partner is Radha Mitchell. But any movie with Bruce Willis is incredible so is it the movie or Bruce Willis or what having Bruce Willis in a movie does to the movie that makes it so unbelievably slick. I really don't know. After a while it seemed every song sung by the Beatles was great. Ravi Shankar doesn't have bad song. Professionalism is about establishing a minimum standard. Bruce Willis is simply iconoclastic. He's the penultimate professional too. Surrogates is the kind of action movie Bruce Willis stars in. It's good entertainment and then some. That doesn't mean I'm going to let Bruce Willis near my computerr or iphone.

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