Sunday, January 17, 2016

Muslim Migrants and "Terrorist Deniers"

I’ve been reactive to the ignorance I’ve perceived around the Muslim migrant issues.  I have been ridiculed, verbally abused and maligned, bullied and called names such as Racist and Islamaphobe because I’ve expressed concern. I have been told by many of my friends that they are afraid to speak up because of the bullying.
1. I’m using this time to learn about Islam.  I have the privilege and honour to know many Muslims who have been friends, mentors and teachers. However, these have generally been highly educated upper middle class people who are not representative of the “masses’.  Given there are billions of Muslims I’ve been learning the divisions of the Muslim religion.   I’m appalled that the CBC journalists and Liberal leaders who are so quick to label everyone other than themselves racist don’t seem to know the different between Sunni, Shii, Ismaeli and Suffi. CBC, instead of doing a piece on Ataturk the Secular Muslem who created Turkey out of the Ottoman Empire continues to ignore the fears of modern Istanbul inhabitants about the Moslem Brotherhood. Were CBC to be journalists of a world calibre they would know these thing but instead being ignorant would quite likely label all Turkey’s muslims ‘racist’ because right now Turkey is struggling to maintain it’s secular Ataturk state against the encroachment of the Muslem Brotherhood.
2.  The Liberals, so called ‘leftists’ and repressive are encouraging war by calling all discussion of Islam ‘hate speech’ and “islamophobia’.  Here in Canada people who use the word ‘terrorist’ are at risk because ‘freedom of speech’ is no longer part of daily discourse. If a person says a Muslim person raped a teen ager he is considered ‘racist’.  But it’s equally alright to talk about the ‘White Christian Terrorists’ presently defending the Constiution in Oregon. This will naturally cause war which seems the aim of the west as it has chosen sides and is attacking those who raise valid concerns. This ‘favouritism’ in the Liberal is like a parent who chooses one kid arguing over another rather than truly being moderate and learning more than ‘side choosing’ and ‘blaming’. The ‘blaming’ of the Liberal Media of ‘whites’ and the ‘west’ and ‘ancient history’ is ‘hate speech’.  It’s not contributing to identifying those groups of Muslims, the radicals and the fundamentalists who quite frankly hate western women and gays.  They would kill them.  We as Christians acknowledge that the Westboro Baptists are ‘extreme’ so we can all get along and don’t have to call each other racist for thinking that the United Church of Canada or Methodists or especially Mennonites aren’t particularly frightening.
3. Sociologists know that if you move large masses of migrants into any nation there will be all manner of social problems. Denying this is dangerous.  Merkel, Obama and Trudeau are by their definitions ‘Social Deniers’. ndeed if the Merkels cabal in Germany had prepared the German people for Sharia Law many of the abuses of the Germans could have been planned for.  Part of the vetting and acceptance of Migrants could well have hinged on accepting only those who accepted that men and women have equal status before the law and violence against women and gays is unacceptable in western Christian countries.  It’s no different than telling barbarians to not shit in the living room. There’s nothing ‘racist’ about expecting everyone to follow the laws.  However, Leftist Liberals don’t want this. They want to have a law for them and their ‘designated victim’ statuses and a law for the rest.  Right now they choose Palestinians over the Jews whereas last decade the flavour of the month was Jews over the English.
4.  Trudeau introduced the idea of accepting ‘all refugees’ to Canada to a large degree regardless of their criminal or mental illness history.  Prior to Trudeau immigration had preferences for the educated and those who would be needed in Canada.  It’s like Nigeria opening it’s doors to American immigration only to be shocked that Red Neck Klu Klux Klan start killing the blacks of Nigeria.  This is the state of affairs with citizens and their governments here.  Canada and Canadians and Americans have always been more accepting of immigration and refugees and foreigners than most countries represented by the barbaric United Nations. The true racism in most countries of the United Nations is difficult to access in it’s entirety because most countries in the United Nations don’t have civil rights and  have state injustice beyond anything Americans and Canadians can conceive of.
5. Donald Trump would not be saying no to Immigrants is Obama wasn’t ignoring terrorism and unwilling to call terrorists terrorists and blaming ‘gun laws’ on terrorism rather than facing the risks to americans of an un vetted large scale immigration from where ISIS reigns.  Further, Obama ignoring Americans who are legal workers has encouraged ‘illegal’ immigrants.  My friends who are ‘legal’ immigrants are offended by this ‘favouritism’ of criminals. It’s the same as my objection to Trudeau smoking dope without consequences, indeed he has a large reward, when my friends have suffered horrendously for minor indiscretion. I appreciate his desire to decriminalize marijuana laws but it still burns me that there are two laws, one for the elite like Trudeau and one for the rest of us.  My ‘legal immigrant’ friends want to be paid back the $10,000 they paid to get into the country because now there are a whole bunch of ‘illegal immigrants’ who are being ‘pardoned’ and not being required to pay.  I want my friends and I to be paid the millions compensation by the state that the marijuana laws caused us the people us to lose,  since the elite were rewarded for their drug abuse and criminal behaviour.  So criminals are being rewarded all the time these days.  That’s the attraction of Donald Trump.  The left wing liberals and democrats don’t seem to believe the laws they make for everyone else should apply to them.  This is the corruption that is killing the west.
6. Canada had 10’s of thousands of Muslim Immigrants before Trudeau.  Trudeau created the anti muslim sentiment by the way he behaved.  He was disrespectful of peoples concerns after the Charlie Hebdo killing, after ISIS beheadings, the tens of thousands of school girls gang raped in Rotherham and across Europe, the increasing videos on the internet of Muslim gang violence against the europeans who were offering them sanctuary. No one wants to give to someone who ‘bites the hand that feeds them”.  No one wants to let a person who doesn’t know where to shit have free range of their kitchen and living rooms and bedrooms.  The ideologically driven rigid Trudeau was the worst authoritarian dictator unresponsive to the majority of Canadians now expressing concerns about “timing’ and ’numbers’.  People said ’slow down’ and suddenly liberals were calling them Racists.  The mature reasonable folk who are Canadians with many moslem, jewish, Christian, and Hindu and Sikh and atheist friends were being accused by these apparatchiks Stalins and their judgemental dictatorial media representatives of being something they simply were not.  Christians collectively aren’t racists and Canada is mostly a Christian country.  Muslim countries persecute Christians every day.  Today Christians were beheaded . No Muslim is being beheaded in Canada today. Don’t lie.  Stop fabricating false comparisons.The Crusades were the 'defence' against Caliphate Muslim invasions a thousand years ago.  Today a Muslim Terrorist group invaded Christian territory and killed Christians.  Today.  Now.
7. My Muslim friends are concerned about Trudeau’s ignorance about Muslims and the Middleeast. Does he want 'honour killing' here in Canada.  Liberals objected to the laws against 'barbaric practices' which were put forward by Moslem and Indian women.  They were called racist for objecting to the removal of the 'clitoris' of girls.  By contrast 'circumcision' done properly is a small slice along the outer lips of the glans major.  Upper class moslems accept the later whereas lower class Muslims promote the further.  Jews and others 'genitally mutilate' boys, i.e. circumcision but it would be a wholly different thing if boys had their penis's removed rather than just a tag of foreskin. But the Liberals by contrast are promoting 'barbaric practices' which the enlightened of these cultures escaped to Canada to get away from.  The further fact is Sunni Muslems have killed a whole lot of Shii Muslems and all mainstream Muslems are frankly very cautious about radical Muslems because Radical Muslems kill more Muslems than anyone else.  So why is Trudeau so apparently stupid?  Is this why so many Canadians are objecting to the lack of education in the Canadian school system because the teachers seem so ignorant about history, geography and reading, writing and arithmetic but promote all manner of ideology like the worst Imans of the east.  Why can’t CBC journalists do their homework and become knowledgeable about Muslims instead of creating divisiveness with ignorance.  Why is Obama not listening to Muslims? Why do the Liberals want war.  Because this is the way Hitler started WWII. It's also the justification that Stalin used to invade many eastern countries.  Then it was ‘race’ and ‘culture’ whereas now it is ‘culture’ and ‘religion’ . Ironically the old ‘racism’ hate slur continues to be bandied about. Yet lots of buddhists are 'brown' and no one objects to 'brown' race 'Buddhists' immigrating to Canada.

8. There are good Muslims and bad Muslims. There are a whole lot of in between Muslims.  If the leadership of my country and the news wasn’t so ignorant we would not have to stoop to their level of discussion.  Right now Muslims are being allowed to pray in our school whereas Christians are not.  What better way to start war!
9.That frankly is the concern of all us peaceniks, that Trudeau and Obama and Merkel are two faced actors who are representative of the Elite who make the most money and have the most power through war.  The UN is a nation of war lords and I frankly don’t want more government because we’ve all seen the hundreds of millions killed by the totalitarian communist atheist central government empires.  Before that we had the WWI war to end all wars between Western war lords while in the east and middle east they had their own sets of wars by war lords.  In all these wars it’s not the Elite that lead but us the people.  So if Muslim migrations are for the benefit of the people, for assimilation and integration rather than creation of ghettos and sharia law states then great. But so far here in Canada Trudeau and the Liberals have been little better than Merkel and her cabal of ideologues. One asks then how many Canadian women will be gang raped and how many of us will be caught in terrorists bombs and how many gays will be killed before Trudeau is less arrogant than his famously arrogant father.

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