Monday, January 11, 2016

Journal Jan. 11, 2016

Jan. 9, 2016
I am sitting in Blenz.  I love Blenz.  Great coffeeshop with good wifi.  I’ve just been to another meeting.  Cakes. It’s the time of year of New Year Resolutions.  The winners are celebrating.  It’s not all dregs and remorse.  Losers never pick them up. They stop trying.  Some even deny the journey. TheY lay in wait like trolls to discourage travellers.  Yesterday and today I celebrated with the celebrants.
Jan. 11, 2016
I’m sick with this infernal flu.  Yesterday and most of Saturday in bed. The nose is a faucet. My sinuses are swamps.  I’m exhausted simply going to the washroom. I’ve had antihistamines and fluids and Laura made me chicken noodle soup.  She’s walked Gilbert.  He’s licked my face. I’ve slept and watched tv and moaned. My body aches.  I took tylenol for the headache.  I figure the trigger was the complaint, a man who relapsed on drugs and alcohol and blames the drastic turn for the worse his life took on everyone but his dealer and himself. He’d been doing so well for several years, a true success until he relapsed. Now he bites the hand that feeds.  Blames all the doctors.  Threatening and abusive.  Wants to hurt everyone.  Wants money.  It’s sad but I’’ve been through this before.  I’ve seen how well people can be when they stop drugs and know the temptation when all is going well to just dabble a bit.  But one drink leads to 10 and the shit storm starts.  But it’s so much work to deal with the anger and destruction.  I had enough work. Frankly I was overworked. I’ve no reserve.  Age and family concerns seem to leave me unable to give another quart of blood at the office.  I’ve given 200% for years and now old and weary I don’t see any reward in this obsessiveness.  I lose faith in my self and the system.  The criminals are the politicians are rewarded more than the workers.  It’s hard to separate them given that they’re getting paid from the general revenue of ‘vice tax’.  Corruption we thought was in Africa is now full blown here.  I’m feeling like the last boy scout but more like a  cub scout.
David Bowie died today.
Cologne gang rapes by Migrant North African and Middle Eastern are blamed on all men and German men especially. I can’t wait till Feminists are required to pay for their decades of ‘slander’.  Everyone is using terms like racist and sexist but Mr. Drosang the former NDP Premier of BC asked quite astutely why multiculturalism ‘excludes white culture’.  Dr. Flamengo put out a video “I’m an anti feminist’ saying that the women’s liberation I fought for was ‘egalitarian’ but today feminism is just sexist anti male privilege with campus girls becoming bullies.
North Korean tested an hydrogen augmented nuclear bomb.  Saudi Arabia killed an Iranian Shiite Iman.  The Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked.  Syria continues to have Assad and Russia.  Isis keeps chopping off heads of Christians.

Persecution of Christians by Muslims is documented for 1400 years. They especially like our women as sex slaves.  With the feminists attacked Canadian men and blaming them for everything there’s a sense that this matriarchal Canada would be better off if we let the Middle East take the shrews and harpies. Instead young men are gravitating to radical Islam where women are still ‘chattel’ and one can actually own a ‘sex slave’.  With all the condemnation men got for buying a Playboy, now women are celebrating opening the 50 Shades of pornography, and adulating the rich men alone, the attraction of overseas war and ideology and women is no different from what the young sought in Spain.  All’s fair in sex and war.  Amazing that women are attracted.  For Whom the Bell Tolls all over again.  If I was a woman I’d be more attracted to the Amish.  They certainly are the polar opposite of the decadent shallow opportunistic Kardashians.  Double standards and privilege.
It’s all above my pay grade.
Meanwhile the Chinese economy has tanked. Oil commodities are down.  Canada is hurting financially and irresponsibly Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are about to bankrupt the country with their wild and crazy spending sprees and the corruption so evidence from Quebec’s Charbonaux Enquiry.
I’m supposed to be hopeful.  I’m sick. That’s a negative state. I couldn’t punch my way out of paper bag.

So I’ll pray and get back to bed.  Thankfully Angel has cancelled the day and emergencies are addressed.

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we all need to have rest

give yourself some time

you deserve it