Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I survived another day of CBC News

The absurdity of media today has gone beyond the pale.  Every day the CBC cries the ‘skies falling’ but never do they make a retraction.
They insist that the IPCC is a ‘consensus of scientists’ yet because of the shoddiest of political patronage this turns out to be a complete fiction.  The Professor Emeritus of Meteriology at MIT says that these Climate Change ‘alarmists’ aren’t even scientific. He says they’re a cult.  So does Environmentalist Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace, the greatest original  environmental movement of our time.  Then there’s the odd Nobel Prize Winner who happens to think these folk at the United Nations are political frauds.  I have to do the least amount of research to find that this is all apparent to everyone because it tweaks my curiosity as a scientist why CO2, the breath of plant life is suddenly being demonized and there’s this misinformation about ‘greenhouse gases’.
Meanwhile Justin Trudeau has named a cabinet Portfolio " Environment and Climate Change".  This is like saying the “Portfolio of Justice and Waterboarding” or “Portfolio of Medicine and Leeching.”  This is the very problem of politics these days.  I like Justice but I don’t like waterboarding. I like medicine but Leeching is nonsense.  Environment is important and I’m all for stewardship of the planet’s resources.   Global Warming is man made political fiasco.  The Paris Conference of Politicos just listened to pseudoscience for millions of dollars while reality is happening in the middle east.
Kurt Vonnegut wrote a novel once where the world came to an end only because fat cat politicians were eating extravagant dinners and producing such hot air that they missed a nuclear weapons attack.
Now in Cologne today I hear how hundreds of migrant men from North Africa and the Middle East systematically attacked and raped countless women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.  We know that 1200 girls were gang raped in England, and the total may be closer to a million.   These were made up of  Muslim men.  We know that Boco Harem , a muslim terrorist group steals hundreds of girls for sex slaves. We also know that ISIS asked learned muslim Imans to confirm that it was alright for old men to have sex with 12 year old girls.  They responded that yes it was okay  but that they shouldn’t have sex with the girl and the mother at the same time.  But what is so absurd that only CBC could be counted on to report seriously,   is that the Leader of the German Feminists says she doesn’t want these hundreds of rapes of German women on the main streets of Cologne to cause Germans to think ill of the Muslim migrants from Syrians.
It’s alright for feminists  to condemn all men as rapists or at best potential rapists but never shall we say a Muslim man can be a rapist.
The next news item was a Senator Roxanne Persaud who is right out of the ‘theatre of the absurd’.  I listened to the CBC interview of her and thought compared to Donald Trump this woman is a total fruitcake.  She wants to propose a bill limiting the sale of ammunition in America so the NRA put a picture of her juxtaposed by a picture of ammunition. This Senator says that she knows that this is ‘a threat’ and an innuendo done purposely by the NRA because some of it’s ‘supporters’ have emailed her harassing letters.  She says that those who support the NRA are ‘irrational’ but a person who insists that she can perceive a threat in a picture of her and ammunition as a threat, when the bill she is proposing is about ammunist,  is herself not by any means sounding particularly ‘rational’.  Yet she insists  that people won’t talk to her.  I personally warn people to avoid talking to people who label you insane unless they are your doctor or psychiatrist.
But what’s worse , the CBC reports these stories, seriously.
I love the ONION.  It’s a media journal that presents news as ‘farce’.  You know when the NEWS is a FARCE with the ONION.  With CBC I know the NEWS is a FARCE but as ludicrous and absurd as it gets I really don’t think the so called journalists know this.
Thank God though I survived another day of the CBC News.  .

(Now the CBC I loath is mostly News - to be clear I loved Vinyl Cafe on the weekend, and love Vinyl Tap, Ideas, tapestry and white coat black art.  apparently CBC saves this absurdity solely for those of us commuting at 8 am or 6 pm when they really do have the worst programming. Apparently programming is planned for the audience so it may be that the CBC believes the stupidest people listen to them at these times and I’m frankly the stupidest of them. I know better. It’s like looking for love in all the wrong places. CBC News is propaganda at best, ignorant at worst.  )

But I survived it, another day.

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what about volcanoes just one of them spew more co2
than all mankind in the last 1,000 years