Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Pot Smoking Drama Teacher Trudeau offers to 'train' Canada's Military Allies


As a dope smoking  drama teacher  Trudeau's immense ego surely blossomed when he   'critiqued'  Oscar Award Winning Dicaprio's Davros performance.  As DiCaprio is one of the Climate Change Cult out of his league among real scientists there was something amusing to these privileged boys sparring over hot air.     

It’s different though when Trudeau mocks the real hard work and scientific genius of the men and women in Canada's resource industry.  For a flakey light weight to suggest the really heavy lifter's of the Canadian economy are less than resourceful is a bit  much. 

But, if ridiculing hard working Canadians  isn't enough, his pulling our Military's planes out of the War against ISIS tops it all.   The Canadian air strikes specifically helped the modern Kurdish   women brigades  beat back the chauvinist ISIS savages, Mr. "It's 2015" Trudeau.
Pretty boy Trudeau's only claim to fame as a fighter is the  humiliating  staged photo op of him beating down an already beaten down aboriginal man.  Apparently politically this allowed him to show of his tough boy tattoo

The adults fighting in the middle east don’t need ‘training’ from Trudeau. Our allies needed planes,  equipment, weapons,  ammunition and men and women who come with that equipment and are Canada's real  fighters  The stupidity of Canadian media and Canadians collectively is that they think the battle hardened  fighters like the Kurdish women brigades, already winning against ISIS need Trudeau to 'train' them.  
I feel sorry for the new defence minister who, ever obedient to his superiors as any good soldier is, makes excuses for this pompous leader.  
Rather than more utter nonsense about sending a ‘training mission’  to Canada's NATO allies  Trudeau  should just admit that Canada’s new world role will be as troop ‘entertainment’.   Maybe after Sophie has a much needed training session from Justin Bieber, he could send her to sing for the Kurdish women fighting brigades. 

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