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Canadian Politics and Economics

Canadian Economics

Let me explain.  I don’t claim to understand money well. It is a ‘spiritual energy’ like all ‘energies’. It’s dynamic and not something ‘fixed’.  It’s ‘fluid’. 

Canada is a rich country.  More Canadians are travelling and learning just how wealthy Canada is collectively.  I simply have never, ever, seen the poverty I have seen elsewhere in Canada and I have been in Canada’s most impoverished places. I have not been in the most impoverished places in the world. 

Like the very rich themselves I have complained about lack of money.  I have like billionaires do claimed ‘poverty’ among my friends. So much of wealth is ‘relative’.  So today because of the global media people who didn’t think they were poor think they are poor today whereas those who thought they were rich realize they don’t have the kind of resources a ‘mere’ actor like  DiCaprio does.  Because they are war lords and leaders of countries they want what the ‘hired help’ have in other countries. Much of what is defined as ‘money’ is ‘solidified envy’.

I have loved Canada’s freedoms.  Canadians who don’t travel take for granted our freedoms.  We can move about Canada quite freely. We can congregate freely. We have relative freedom of speech. We can criticize our government and leadership.  There isn’t a whole lot of political prisoners.  We have freedom of religion.  We are not subject to arrest without legal representation.  We can’t go missing ‘easily’.  We have the right to buy guns.  We have relatively ‘transparent’ government and courts. 

This is simply not the case in other major world countries.  Elsewhere people aren’t allowed to criticize their government.  A neighbour can tell the authorities that they overheard you criticizing your government and you can be arrested, pay huge fines, forfeit all property and lose your job. This happened routinely in Communist countries.  It happens routinely in Saudi Arabia. It happens surprisingly in countries like Thailand where a journalist criticizing a long dead royalty is still in prison.  In most countries around the equator, the so called ‘Bamboo Wall’  Christianity is daily persecuted.  You can be a Muslim in a Muslim Country but Jews and Christians are second class citizens with various taxes and restraints and can be arrested for promoting any religious idea that doesn’t sit well with the religious authorities.  Even in Hindu countries there are limits to what Christians can do.  Aetheists suffer well in non communist countries. Communist countries were aetheist and persecuted people of all religions generally.

Movement within the country and in and out of the country isn’t a ‘right’ but rather a ‘perk’ given to the rich and those ‘priviledged’ to have ‘special status’.  I was surprised when immigrants without disability began parking their cars in ‘wheelchair parking’ until it was explained to me by one such fellow that the ‘car’ has the ‘disability sticker’.  This was a ‘status’ matter and not a matter of ‘compassion’ where he came from. He’d paid for this ‘sticker’ for the rare occasions an elderly aunt was in the car. 

Wealth around the world, including in Canada is in the ‘control’, (not hands) of very few.  With the divide and conquer and playing one group against the other the ‘elite’ have succeeded in moving half the world wealth into the control of 86 individuals.  20 years ago there were several hundreds.  Centralization and totalitarianism have been a chronic ‘State versus the Individual” “Central versus Local power” debate and struggle for thousands of years. 

The internal structural nationstate world wide is of an elite , about 1 -2% of the overall population with it’s retainers and ‘muscle’.  These ‘retainers’ are the ‘government employees, principally tax collection’ and the ‘muscle’ is the military, lawyers, police and jails and social police , the lawyers, social workers and even the psychiatrists and psychologists and the asylums.  These form another approximately 10 % of the country.  Historically, these were the ‘landowners’ the medieval Kings and Lords and Ladies.  Subsequently the towns and artisans and traders developed a third of ‘middleclass’ sort of power.  These were associated with the rise of bankers.  Banks were the ‘hired help’ of the Elite just like the ‘muscle’ and the ‘tax collecting beurocrats’. 

This left the vast majority of the population relatively poor.  Rich are those who have an income of a half million or a million net or more.  The middle class could be said as those with an net income of $75000 to $250000.  It’s also worthwhile to consider ‘real income’. 

It’s critical here to distinguish ‘net’ from ‘gross’.  Net is the income after taxes and in business after ‘overhead’.  The Liberal Elite fighting the Doctors consistently published the Gross Income of Doctors showing some doctors making a ‘million dollars’.  They did the same when they were attacking farmers showing that farmers were ‘worth a million dollars”.  In both cases the average Canadian especially the most ignorant of the ‘muscle’ and the media made stupid masses didn’t understand that the doctor or the farmer.  

He made a million dollars gross had 3 staff, ran an office and operating theatre , fees, insurance costs and licenses and at the end of the day had a personal gross income of less than $200,000 which is considerably less than  Canadian government workers having an income of $200,000 in fact have more like $400,000 because of pensions, health care and various other ‘schemes’.  The doctor can’t ‘hide’ his income like other businessman, a restaurant with losses etc so he’s taxed 50% on his income and walks home with $100,000.  He is supposed to be grateful and would be if he didn’t have to work for entitled wealthy beaurocrats whose attitudes are ‘toxic’ to creativity and are a net drain on the productivity of any country.  Government is ‘restrictive’ and serves primarily to restrict the population and ensure maximal profit for the elite without rebellion.  That’s the ‘balance’ without ‘rebellion’, ‘strike,’ and yet ‘work to rule’ is the norm in massively centralized countries like China and increasingly Canada.

As a physician I have never made ‘minimum wage’.  I have forfeited 12 years of next to no income for the sake of higher education, then worked anywhere from a minimum of 60 hours a week to 120 hours a week a year with requirments like 50 hours educational work a year to maintain increasingly expensive licenses and increasingly outrageous insurance to address the ‘white collar crime’ of the ‘ambulance chaser’ and the ‘legal lottery insurance schemes’.    The cost of ‘social law’ in Canada can never be underestimated explaining why lawyers are the next richest group compared to bankers while increasingly the ‘productive’ and ‘creative’ professions (engineering, medicine, architecture, military officer class, clergy etc) gain less and less.    Canada has indeed increasingly become like Communist Countries more a ‘legal theocracy’ than an actual democracy.  The power of the executive appointed court in Canada has centralized power in the last 20 years more than anything ever considered ‘Canadian.”

The farmer who has a million dollars has all that tied up in land and equipment so at the end of the day may well be living on $10,000 because he is “land rich and money poor’.  Most business people are this way and have to forfeit individually early wealth for later gain especially as they fight the Canadian beaurocracy that through taxes and interference makes it more difficult than some third world countries for a business to be successful. This is a sharp contrast to the US , which builds walls to keep people out, because it is in contrast to Canada , truly the ‘land of opportunity’ with 50% of the millionaires in that country self made in a lifetime.

In other countries there is highly limited social mobility.  Social mobility is the ability to move from one class to another.  In England the ‘Royalty’ and the ‘Upper Classes’ are established by generations of inbreeding.  In India they only recently removed their Apartheid Class System with it’s ‘Untouchables’  not dissimiliar to the colour coded Apartheid System of South Africa.  Most African nations like the Aboriginal Communities of Canada are family based Tribal Chieftain wealth. If your family member is in power then you can benefit from this essential ‘cronyism’. The province of Quebec has a long history of inter related ‘cronyism’ and indeed a recent Charbanneaux Commission declared that most of the country’s political construction   spending was Mafia and Biker Gang Base.

The original Tribal leadership is called ‘ the strong man’ dictatorship.  This tribal arrangement is the basis of Biker Gangs and the Mafia.  The Federation is a group of Strong Men. This is the Communist Politburo which is essentially a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat”. and is the Oligarchy of Russia now lead by Putin and the Tycoon businessmen around him and the military and KGB.

Marx said ‘religion is the opiate of the masses’.  Religions only exist as they ‘support the STATE’ hence they were outlawed by Aetheist Communist Countries and State Religions like Anglicanism or the Church of England always support central authority because that’s where the money is.

Where the money is as a ‘spiritual energy’    “Follow the money trails’ is the fundamental approach to understand “Power Politics”.

Democracy is a system where by the ‘voting’ of leadership is given to the ‘election’ process however this is ‘manipulated’ by ‘big media’ and by ‘ballotting process’ and by ‘party systems’ and by principally ‘government making ‘promises’ but not following through with increasing ‘protections’ and various movements by ‘government’ to ‘vote itself high salaries’ and ‘to vote itself perk’s and to have all manner of ‘institutional corruption’. Washington ‘law maker’s” are notorious the world around for making laws that apply to everyone else but not to Washington DC.  Ottawa is similar. Leaders the world around want to have ‘priviledges’ and are hypocrites.  Noone is more ‘hypocritical’ than the average  politician today.  Hypocricy is the very business of politics.   Politics hasn’t always been this way because historically it was more ‘tribal’ and less ‘entrenched’. 

The principle lie of politics today is ‘CHANGE’.  All that is changed in modern democratic politics is one self seeking self serving party is replaced by another self seeking self serving party. This was an old tactics of the Kings. Kings remained with their rich loyal followers but prime ministers and such changed.  Economically the government always protected the “ELITE”. 

This is not ‘conspiracy’ theory, but simple government 101. 

Indeed the “ELITE”  as they don’t ‘hold money’ but rather ‘control’ it may in fact be the ‘best leaders the world can have.’  Historically a ‘benign dictatorship’ was considered the best government because all the others were ‘messy’ and ‘corrupt’ and ‘increasingly’ ineffecient’ whereas ‘benigh’ or ‘enlightened ‘ leadership was a good thing. Unfortunately because of in breeding and the need for ‘competition’ since ‘invention is essentially the mother of necessity we have seen that countries like Saudi Arabia are increasingly ‘muscle bound’ but incredibly ‘stupid’.  That’s the drugs and alcohol and play life of royalty the world over. 

Change then occurs through ‘revolution’ in these highly centralized countries whereas in democracies and in monetary  based western societies there’s been a capacity for ‘change’ to occur historically without the need for wasteful war. 

It's critical to understand that there is leadership by a very few and that concentration of power and wealth has occurred. This is not necessarily bad or evil.  Indeed Biblical Christians support good leadership and believe that God works through leaders.  Even the Beatles sang, "We don't want a revolution.".

"Identification with the Aggressor' is the psychological defence where people say 'If you can't beat them, join them."  At it's extreme we see the "Stockholm Syndrome'.

"Healthy skepticism has always been considered the best approach to government especially one which is actively desiring to be in the business of a 'recreational drug dealler' for the sake of taxes which will pay for the increasing amount that governments pay themselves and their friends.

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