Monday, January 4, 2016

Harrison's Hotsprings Resort and Spa, New Year's Eve, 2016

I love Harrison Hotsprings Resort and Spa.  I always remember bringing Mom and Dad here when I still had my dog, Shinto. It must have been in the late 80’s They loved it and it was one of our best times together.  Another great time was a Christian Medical Conference. I’ve come myself pretty much every year, sometimes once, sometimes more.
We didn’t this year dine at the Copper Room but I have in the past.  I loved the ball room dancing and dining.  Gilbert is with us now and after he hurt his back last month we’ve not liked to leave him alone.   Not that he minds. He just curls up and sleeps waiting for us to return when we leave him at Laura’s or in the trailer. He won’t eat until we get back though.   He loves the walks at Harrison.   So many great smells.
The beauty of the Hotsprings Resort is the simplicity and freedom of walking in  ones robe and bathing suit to the pools. The natural hot springs are definitely healing.  They're so picturesque, too.  I love the view of the mountains from where we sit.
Room service is spectacular and delicious..  Each night I had a different dish and each night they were superb.  Buttered chicken, rigatoni, large chef’s salad with chicken for me.  Gilbert loved the children’s burger three nights in a row.   Laura and I had the fries he didn’t eat each night.  She had a lovely linguine one night but I don’t know what she had the other nights.  I was obviously focused on my own rewarding repast.
We had three ‘in the theatre’ movies too.  Tom Hanks in Bridge of Spies, was simply great, Everything Tom Hanks is in is that way.  Siccaro with Emily Blunt was intriguing and excellent.  She really is a versatile actress.  James Bond, Spectre was incredible as only James Bond’s can be!.I really like Daniel Craig as Bond.   The only work we did all weekend was bundling up and taking Gilbert for short walks by the lake.   Once we actually walked him around the town one day.  We were out for about an hour.  After we thought we might have overdone it.  A bit too much exercise.  I had to spend another half hour in the hot springs just to recover.
Dec. 31, 2015 we walked Gilbert outside  with stars and moon visible above and cold wind along the lake shore. When we came in I turned on the tv and watched as 2015 ended and 2016 began. Lots of fireworks.  Fun seeing everyone celebrating on Facebook as Laura and I and Gilbert took the midnight cue to go to sleep. I was already half pumpkin by the time the lights went out.
Despite all the fear mongering of the latest crazies, Obama and Justin Trudeau, we woke up Jan. 1.  We could still breathe. Global warming hadn’t taken us though the taxmen are getting shrewder since they’ve failed all their dire predictions to date, now they’re telling us the world is going to end sometime in the ‘far distant future’.  Prophets of doom.  I got up and took Gilbert for a walk.
On the way back I got Laura and me cappuccino’s and croissants.  Good way to begin 2016.
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Anonymous said...

my best hotel too

i made a deal with manager for $18. for a day room

in the 80's too plus the run of the hotel and all the pools