Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Journal - Dec. 1, 2015

I awoke this morning and the awful chill was gone.  I live in a trailer.  I leave the electric heater on at night.  The electric blanket does the rest.  When I want to blast the place with warmth I turn on the propane heater.  I do that when I come home and when I get up in the morning.
It has been so cold the last few nights that I've been waking because my bare arm had got out from under the blanket and was chilled.
This morning I awoke and it was warm.  I commented on this to Gilbert the cockapoo.  "Gilbert," I said. "It's warm".  He looked back at me intelligently with just a touch of snyde. "Yes, but would you hurry up and pee so I can get out and sniff shit and pee myself."
And sure enough, when we went outside it was 'wet'.  Yesterday there had been this white frozen Eastern/Northern Canada all over.  
That's when I realized what was happening.  This was the beginning of the Paris Climate Change Conference.  And with all that hot air, gleeful hand rubbing and conference sex the temperature of the planet had gone up another degree.
Gilbert found the perfect place to poop. Life went on.  I'm personally grateful for the warmth.  Normal people, those who actually live and work and walk on the planet have moved with weather and wars and such.  The greatest migrations were in the Ice Age.  There are migrations with war now. But those migrating don't want to move to the north. My Scottish and Irish forebears did just that.  
I'm a northern.  We're not that disappointed to have summer lengthen and the winter shorten. It's not happened yet but we're hoping.  
We've always welcomed migrants to the northern regions of our country but mostly they gravitate to the southern cities.  They complain that there's no one in the north and nothing to do.  My grandfather and people from Europe came here to the north west and built the  cities and roads and railways.  It's been a matter of pride for me to sing Gordon Lightfoot's song, Canadian Railway Trilogy.  I doubt the new migrants will know that song.  It was written and sung in English.  
Mostly I hear that everything that Europeans did was wrong.  The black tribes that colonized Africa and the Asian tribes that coolonized Asia and the Aboriginal tribes that colonized America now are taught to hate the last colonist. It's called 'terms of reference'.  The game goes like this. I hit you countless times but when you hit back, we start the game there and I call you a colonist.  That's what happened with the Muslim invaders.  Now the Crusaders are evil for defending Europe from the invasions in Spain and Italy.
The way this goes, the Jews were the ones who hurt Germany and the Japanese were the victims of WWII.   Maybe our soldiers who fought in wars will be arrested and shot. That's what the Communists did to their allies. 
I am afraid to leave my home somedays because of the hate that is happening right now. Not hundreds of years in the past but right now. Strangers attack me verbally and say I'm a horrible being because I'm white.  Second they say I'm priviledged because I was born in Canada and that I have to give everything to them. 
I know from my work that when people get free stuff and don't have to work for it, they don't learn anything more than theiving. Because begging when there is work to do is a kind of thieving.
There's lots of work to be done in Northern Canada.  
Saskatchewan needs a northern city desperately.  BC has Prince George and Alberta has Edmonton but Saskatchewan needs it's northern city.  
Now old man Trudeau, the father of the present pretty boy son. He actually set up 'work camps' for the young in the north. I visitted one in Northern Ontario. The young men of Canada built a community up there in the cold fighting off the mosquitos and black flies.  The work was 'public work' and the kids were really glad to do it. 
Like the American Peace Corp but inside the country.  This was the great vision of the day.
If the planet warms a bit, maybe then we'll get a city or two more in Northern Canda. 
Funny how no one ever cared about the cold in the north.  Suddenly those living lives of luxury in the equatorial hot  belt where they pretty much outlawed Christianity and have been persecuting, killing, and torturing Christians and other Europeans for as long as man can remember, everyone there wants us here to help them.  I'd be glad if we offered them land in the north and let them get out of their war zone and help build this nations that my family certainly has invested countless lives in.  
I'd like to see that.  I'd also like to have heathens stop biting the hand that feeds. My mother taught me that you don't get by in life doing and saying bad things to people if you want them to be your friends and help you. But then you are actually calling my mother and all white mothers dirty stupid whores. I know you're trying to do it in a politically correct way.  Political correctness is the idea that you can pick up a tourd by the clean end.  I know you have a very bad potty mouth and lie but I don't think it's right you call my mother and all white and Christian and European and Canadian mothers dirty colonizing white priviledged whores. I'd like you to stop that.
I'd really like the courts of Canada to hold legally accountable what people who are speaking in other languages are saying that amount to 'hate speech' in English. I've had countless languages translated to learn what people from other countries are calling me and mine and if I said anything close to that I'd be in jail. So I'm waiting for a list of the worlds 'expressions' in the various languages that are banned.  Until then I get the feeling that the courts aren't working for Canada but are indeed trying to destroy me. 
Freud said when they came to rescue him from the Nazis, "Maybe the paranoids are right."
That's the way I feel with all these southerners demanding money for air conditioning, taxing my breathing, cause that's where CO2 comes from and restricting 'freedom of speech' the very thing that my grandparents and their grandparents fought for.  Freedom of Speech is what is 'democracy'.
And if another person calls me 'colonizing white priviledge Canadian', I think I should be able to call them a "dangerous coloured priviledged invader".  
Now that's been my thinking and soon I'll keep such thoughts to myself so that my throat doesn't get slit in the night. I've studied history and thats what comes next. The fact is, most everyone I talk to feels they're lost, either the banks and courts here are going to turn them into worse slaves or the new migrants are going to riot and ruin the country with demand for handouts.  I'm watching what happens in Sweden and Denmark and am concerned as I'm getting old er when I won't be able to work and I see so many young people collecting pensions that Canadians wanted to reward the old who had worked their lives for Canada with. Instead this money, our future reward, the reward for our soldiers and our old is being given away to those who have never served Canada and won't even go to the north to work.  
But that's my frustration these days.  
It comes down to fear. I'm afraid for the future.  The antidote is to focus on the day.  I know God is in the present.  I have to trust God and live for today. Carpe Diem. Tomorrow isn't here and God will take care of this.  If we're lucky management will be rewarded as all of us are rewarded with 'doing unto others as we would do unto them.'  No body in Canada really is upset with migrants or the southern climate beggars. We're just collectively tired of everyone claiming they're more victim than you are. There will need to be a new Darwin's Award and a Canadian Award to compete with the Olympics, and the Canadian Award will be for those who are the greatest whiners and beggars.  It's a welfare thing now but it really should take itself less seriously.
It's the season too. I'm supposed to be thinking of the birth of Christ and the renewal of the world but instead I'm distracted by the News.  
I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to be more loving and caring to the people I know. These things going on in Paris and the Middle East are all above my care grade and I know management on this planet given its lies and wars is Satanic.  I'm holding out for the afterlife. I believe that if I change my perspective here I will see the best now and the best will also come. If I focus on the insaneity of my leadership's decision and the deceitful propaganda of the media I'll become just like them.  
But now it's shower and clothing and get to work time.  
Thank you Lord for Gilbert getting better. Thank you for the warming of today. Thank you for truth and free speech. Thank you for the sacrifices of my family through generations for democracy and freedom. Thank you for the food I've got and the clothing I've got and the work I've got. Thank you for my education. Thank you for today's warmth.  God bless to all. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. 

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