Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gratitude Nov. 29, 2015

I'm thankful I am alive today. I enjoyed the morning with Laura and Gilbert. I'd planned to go to church but awoke with a stomach flu.  It probably was just from eating so much Tandoori Chicken and pork and East Indian delicacies from Meinhardt downtown.  I really stuffed myself in a pig out fest (the pork was good too).  Laura and I had gone downtown to get a coat and ended up in the Black Friday Weekend Sale.  With all this food from Meinhardt's downtown stuffed outselves while watching the movie Man from UNCLE. Both Laura and I grew up on the series and enjoyed the movie as well.  Nothing mind boggling, just a good thriller.  
I worked at the jail in the afternoon. My stomach was fine by noon but I did miss church. 
Now tonight I've barbecued moose steaks that Victor shot and life is good. So I'm grateful.  I'm thankful to be alive.  A good weekend indeed though Friday night I crashed early falling asleep when I got home and only waking later for a while before I fell asleep again.
There's so much I meant to do this weekend, clean up and trip to the storage locker. I really must put away any remnants of early summmer and fall to make room for winter clothes and activities.  I've got bulky motorcyling gear to stow and an outboard motor in the garage, countless short sleeve shirts and summer slcks and jackets. I've no room and what room I have is overflowing with last seasons stuff.  
So I'd planned to do all this organizing and adult stuff but instead go caught up in Black Friday. That and overeating. Or maybe the flu was coming on. I feel fine now but didn't earlier.
I've been caught up in the online media too.  I let it get the better of me this weekend, checking often to see what's happening with friends, what's happening in the news, a bit addictive like.  
Now I'm thankful for my friends.  Just grateful for Gilbert and everyone.  Not much else. Now I'll go back to reading a ship novel.  I just watched the Professionals , the western with Burt Lancaster on Turner Classic TV.  Meanwhile someone needs to contact aliens and learn to teletransport and I'm not contributing to any profound advances sin human knowledge.  I'm getting by.  Praying for folk.  Trying to stay out of trouble.  Taking it easy.  Tomorrows a full work day.  I'm grateful for work. I'm grateful that I can contribute in work and play a positive role. 

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