Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Language Terrorists, Jihadists and Christanophobes.

Win the “war of words” and you win the war!
Christians have been collectively criticized because of the one church, Westboro Baptists.  Jews are condemned because of extremist Zionists.   Catholics have been collectively criticized because of the Pope’s statements.
But criticize ISIS and you are called “ISLAMAPHOBE”.
CHRISTOPHOBIA is almost universal today.  All over the world Christians are persecuted.  Christians are the most persecuted people in the world.  The Left dominated media ignores deaths of Christians.
Yet when Christians object to ISIS killing Christians, what do we hear.  “ISIS is killing Muslims too”.  Two wrongs don’t make it right.  Yet the real issue is that CHRISTIANS DESERVE TO BE KILLED. That's the message between the lines.  CHRISTIANS Don't COUNT.
The Radical Left are the Mainstream now.  They “Control’ the language.  If you are moderate, they call you “Radical Right”.  The Language Terrorists have attacked the language.
Only the LEFT can speak for the Oppressed.  Yet the LEFT is the greatest oppressor of all time. Communist Atheists killed 60 million in Russia.  Chinese Communist Atheists killed 100 million.
ISIS actually says they represent the MOSLEM JIHAD but when a Christian says , “Christian Crusaders will stop your invasion just like they stopped your invasion of Spain,  France and Venice and Jerusalem, Christians are called Islamaphobes.  The Hindus and Siks had to put a stop to the Moslems because the Moslem Jihad there killed hundreds of thousands.  No one dares call a Sik an Islamophobe. Siks are always armed.  The LEFT wants CHRISTIANS disarmed.
If you called yourself a Christian Crusader, and looked with pride on your Christian forefathers protecting Europe from the Oppressive Moslem invaders, the Radical LEFT (Mainstream media) would call you are ‘worse than a jihadist’. The LEFT has rewritten history.
Israel defends itself from recurrent attack by Moslem nations and now Israelis are the OPPRESSOR.
It was the Moslems that were expanding in the day of the Crusades.   The Caliphate, titular head of the Moslem people, is given to the leader who ‘expands" the physical geographical territory of Moslem religion.  The Rampaging Pillaging Monstrous Army that swept through countries like India who the were the MOSLEMS the CRUSADERS Fought was a forced army of conscripts and slaves. The CRUSADES were a VOLUNTEER army. You would never know such things if you didn't read history which is repeating.
ISIS claim to be the new Caliphate because there is a prophecy that the greatest Jihad will begin in Raqqa.  Crusaders were the ‘defenders’.  The last Caliphate was Turkish.
The Turkish empire was one of the largest land mass empires of all time.
Constantine is no longer called Constantine after the Christian leader who made the Roman Empire Christian.  Constantine the Christian created the Christian seat of the Orthodox Church which was invaded by the Jihadist Moslems and became Istanbul after 800 years being Christian.  It’s still Istanbul. That's because of MOSLEM Conquest.
Communists are “oppressed", they say.   Moslems and especially Palestinians are  “oppressed” but Christians and especially Americans and Jews especially Israelis are, according to the LANGUAGE TERRORISTS, the ‘oppressors’.
It doesn’t matter that America is a secular state as is Turkey, now.    ISIS calls the ‘response’ to their ‘attacks’ ‘Crusades”.  And western Leftist media uses the language of the enemy.
Post Vietnam the review of the Vietnam War showed by the report of the North Vietnamese generals and Viet Cong that America had militarily won the war because the North was virtually about to collapse. However the Americans pulled out because the Leftist Media and the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda lost the war by fraudulently convincing America was losing the war.
WWII would have been similarly lost if the “War of Words” wasn’t recognized.  “Loose Lips Sink Ships” .
Freedom of information is what we have to offer the world.  MOSLEM dominated countries collectively deny Freedom of Speech.  In large swaths of Moslem territory Christians are as restricted as they are in Communist Atheist countries where freedom of speech is simply not allowed.  The MOSLEM ISIS are teaching their children JIHAD.  Yet in the west I can go into any library and read a Koran and even read the writings of ISIS.
There are two worlds here.  The world of “freedom of speech’ where the ‘language police of the LEFT” are raging a war or the very words of freedom and the world of “oppression of free speech” .
A frightening statistic that has arisen is that 90% of academics are LEFT leaning.  It turns out a very high proportion of IMANS are radical.
Watch the "War on Words”.  Learn to identify CHRISTANOPHOBES, Language Terorists, and Communists and the RADICAL LEFT by their highly selective use of words.
The politically correct sound so nice but the first thing to go in war is ’truth’ and the LEFT doesn’t believe in ’TRUTH”.  So it never cares if Truth is a casuality.
Now the interesting coalition in Europe is the Radical Left allying with the Moslem Jihadists and ironically this is being joined by the Fascists.  They look so different on first glance but the Radical LEFT wants war. MARX said all war is good.  WAR is necessary to the Left.  They believe that if there is enough war then they will accept Dictatorship. This is what Lenin succeeded in doing. The LEFT Always promotes war directly or indierectly because War is the Means to the Marxist/Lenin end.  The Moslems in major areas of Europe claim be ‘oppressed’.  They come from countries where there was no freedom of speech. They are commonly without competitive skills and many ghettorize so they don’t assimilate and learn the language and skills useful outside their religiofanatic countries of origin.   Now the FASCIST ironically are growing because the RADICAL LEFT won’t listen to the majority of people but rather push their ideologies causing the centre to shift to the right.
Here in Canada petitions of hundreds of thousands ask Trudeau the new Prime Minister to go slow with the refugee relocation but so far as a radical leftist Christanophobe, Trudeau like his autocratic dictatorial father, doesn’t listen to advise, but pushes his own agenda uncaring of the voice of Canada.    The terrorist attacks in Paris have woken up Canadians who so quickly forget 9/11 and that jihadists attacked their soldiers and parliament.  The RADICAL LEFT doesn't even want the word "terrorist' to be used in Canada.   With such extremism in power the moderate middle is pushed to the right.
That’s what’s happening around the world with the rise of the defensive right wing shift.
Radical Right Germany, Hitler and the Nazis, actually made a PACT with the the Radical Left, Stalin and the Communists.  The Left and Right hate the Middle. You are either for us or agin us the extremists of Right and Left say with Governments, Media and Courts and Prisons to back them up.
Historically the Old Testament (Torah) and the Koran are ‘TRIBAL” texts which are filled with war and killing and chiefs and glory.
The New Testament or GOSPEL is the CHRISTIAN “BOOK”.  GOSPEL means "GOOD NEWS". The only story it tells is of the killing of Jesus and the killing of Christians and the peaceful living of Christians who share the story of LOVE and Salvation.  Rather than come as a Rich Man like Abraham, the prophet of Israel or the Warrior Mohammed, Jesus comes as a baby.  The Christian story is the story of true ‘oppressed’.  WE are the persecuted.

Yet the CHRISTIAN Crusaders stopped the MOSLEM JIHAD.  Perhaps we could as moderates win the war on wards by the language terrorists and restore the light.

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