Sunday, November 15, 2015

Refugee Warrior Army - The Free Syrian Force.

No one has suggested the obvious solution to the present problem of ISIS invasion.  ISIS is equivalent to the Hell’s Angels.  To put it in perspective the Hell’s Angels ride into your home town,  kill, main and pillage and people flee.  The reason the Hell’s Angels are able to do this is simply better training, superior weaponry and bad attitude.
There are two parts to the Syrian crisis.  The Syrian government leader, supported by Russia and clearly a tyrant caused a civil war.   This happened over and over again when other Satellites of Russian rebelled against Communist Atheist Dictatorships.  Eventually the people rose up and won. Communism died as a state and Russia went back to being a Christian nation.  The  civil war in Syria failed.  Moslems fought moslems.  Canada can't fight Russia and American and China aren't going to either. So the Syrian tyrant survives another day. The same occurred in Hungary.  The civil war is going on in only one part of Syria.
The other part of the equation is ISIS. Isis is in Syria, old Iraq and all over the place. ISIS is both and idea like atheist Communism but it's also a state.  Islamic State.  The idea is pure Moslem jihad.  It's the same idea the Christians fought against in Spain and Venice.  Jihad.  Saudi is probably backing ISIS now but they're not 'allies'.  They may be investors.  America probably backed ISIS in the beginning but not anymore.  ISIS has no 'allies', only "investors' right now.  
We now have a million and a half refugees and migrants.  Refugees are escaping and would like to go home.  Migrants are just looking for a better place to live. Canada says they’re going to accept 25,000 tomorrow.  We're not sure if they're going to be Refugees or Migrants.  I'd rather have Mexican Migrants.  But we can accept Syrian 'refugees'.  Instead of 3 years of screening we would normally use before taking refugee/migrants we're going to accept them this week because Justin Trudeau made a political 'promise'.  So we turn the Department of Immigration into a Fast Food joint. Give them a place to live.
Britain accepted refugees in the early part of WWII.  The difference there is that Britain armed their refugees.  They were called the Free French and Free Poles.   They prepared for D Day.
Watch Justin Trudeau ’s behaviour (don’t trust his smooth upper class privileged boy words).  He  give the Hell’s Angel’s California.  He says , let ISIS win. In WWII, the leader who said that was Chamberlain.  Winston Churchill was the other guy.  It was an Islamist Jihad convert who attacked Parliament. ISIS, like the Communist atheists before them, used propaganda to convert Canadians.  No one doubted that Communist Russia got it's nuclear weapon capacity because of traitors in Canada and the US.  The same traitors today leave to go join ISIS and plot to blow up Canada.
So we’ll let those who don’t want to live in California under a tyranny of killing, whoring, drug addicted criminals come and live in our country. Hell's Angels wins.   Naturally the Hell’s Angels will keep expanding.
 Canada the Coward forsakes NATO.  Coward Canada runs. When I travelled Europe Canada’s name and honour and respect was ‘won’ by the Canadian Armed Forces. Canadians were admired because they helped Europeans defeat Hitler. The idea that Canada is admired for leftist ideology. Canada is admired for it's success. It was admired in Europe for fighting Hitler. It won't be admired for cowardice.
A very large proportion, some say most of the refugee/migrants are young men, fit soldier aged men.  What if we take all the ‘young men’  and  simply offer to accept train, equip and lead them back to fight ISIS.  
Syria, backed by Russia isn’t going to give up.
If Californians ran to Canada to escape the Hell's Angels we'd support them by training, equipping and even leading them on a counter assault.  We'd help take back California from the Hell's Angels.
That's what Britain did.  Armed and equipped the Free French and coordinated the Free Poles and Free Dutch and lead the retaking of Europe. If you've watched American TV you'll be as confused about WWII as Canadians are today confused about ISIS.
That’s what we did with the Belgiums and French after the NAZI’s invaded their country.   ISIS is the new NAZI religious dictatorship.
The absurdity of Justin Trudeau’s solution, running and hiding under the bed, is classic Chamberlain, pro Hitler logic.  Instead we accept that the Hell’s Angels doesn’t have a right to California.  We Churchill the situation.  Follow the winners.   We train, equip and lead those refugees who want their homes back and they take middle eastern land back from ISIS.
Justin Trudeau is Chamberlain.
ISIS has threatened Canada  and Justin runs home.  The Hells Angels wins.  ISIS wins. California goes to the Hells Angels.  The Middle East goest to ISIS.  Paris this week. Ottawa next week.
It took Germany a few years to win Europe.  Time moves faster now.  The French learned their lesson when they ran away.  Now they stand and fight.  E
Justin Trudeau nees to stand up.  Right now he and Canada are seen as cowards by their NATO allies.  Take this opportunity. Kill two birds with one stone. Accept Refugge warriors and build a Free Syrian Army whose first objective will be to take back the land taken by ISIS. Refugees can return home.  Syria is divided.  The civil war is postponed.
Our military bases are for military training.  They shouldn’t be turned into homeless shelters.  Help the refugees get their land back the same way Churchill helped De Galle.  Build a Refugee Army to return and take back what ISIS has claimed.  That way Canada chooses when Canadians die rather than letting ISIS pick us off one by one, the terrorist way.

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