Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gratitude Nov, 24,2015

Thank God for this day. Thank you God for healing Gilbert. Each day I see him improving a little. Thank you for healing my brother and helping him too. Thank you for helping me in my work. Help me do more. Thank you for my family and friends.  Thank you for the clean water and indoor plumbing and heat. Thank you for this trailer. Thank you for my car.  Thank you for clothing and bed and for computers and phones .Thank you for electricity and light. Thank you for all of my blessings. Thank you for life and this world and the past and future. Most of all thank you for the present. Thank you for books and reading and language and television and films and eyes to see. Thank you for my glasses. Thank you for my feelings. Thank you for my radio. Thank you for the dishes and refrigerator and the stove and barbecue. I loved the barbecue and outdoor cold. I thank you for the store and fresh food and canned food and the Blue Sky ginger ale. Thank you for yoghurt. And thank you for soap and shampoo. Thank you for the little things.Thank you for all I take for granted. Thank you for pens and tables and chairs. Thank you for my colleagues .Thank you for work and banks and skills and training and education and reliability and excellence. Thank you for the heat tonight. Thank you for repairs. Thank you for bed. I’m going there. Thank you for the electric blanket and the CPAP.  Thank you for the dreams.  Thank you Lord for sobriety and saniety. Protect me from the delusional and those who are impaired and know not what they do. Protect me from dangerous people in power.  Protect me from war. Protect me from the corruption that is exposed in Quebec and the deepest evil of Montreal elections and fraud.  Protect me from the hidden corruption that permeates all aspects of Vancouver and BC.  Keep me safe from the sociopaths and psychopaths who lived protected lives here because of their dirty money and threats.  Help me to walk safely in the shadow of death and know that you are with me always.  Thank you Lord.

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