Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Climate Change Hysteria Wankers

“i’m a doctor to the planet,” the ecologist professor smugly told me.  He then went on to insist that his department needed all the funding in the university for research. He felt all governments needed to give all their money to the study of his ‘new kind on the block proposals.’  When psychology became a university department we heard all kinds of utopian claims.  Always they’re followed by ‘give us all the money. We’re most important."
Kiota Accords.
The United Nations.
“Don’t you care about planet Gaia?"
Lots of ad hominem.  “You’re a climate change ‘denier’"
“I”m not in denial you offensive little smegma. You’re misusing the language of psychiatry. I’m a psychiatrist. Biochemistry and chemistry were my pre medicine majors. I’m a scientist too.  I’ve heard every department in the university demanding money by saying that the world is going to end if they don’t get more money. You’re not new.  I’m just a little skeptical.  It’s an admirable trait in a scientist."
“You’re in denial."
“No i’m not. Again that’s a word from my scientific vocabulary. You’re an offensive little shit for calling me and other scientists names.  You’re a bully and a shit. So fuck off. That’s the language scientists use between scientists. Not this priggish political correctness bs."
1) Climate Changes….no one denies this.  You dreamed up the whole denial business because you are a bloody wanker.  There, wanker is a better term for you than denier is for me.  There are seasons. Seasons are change.  There are cycles. Cycles are change. There’s different temperatures throughout the day. No one doubts the ice age. Even the Bible talks about droughts and floods.  So shut the fuck up with your obnoxious bullying thug language couched in political correctness as an attempt to conceal the utter evil chicanery. The greatest political correct spokesman of all time was Hitler. He called the extermination of Jews as the ‘the Solution’. Didn’t mention Auschwitz gas camps. Didn’t mentioned killing and maiming babies. Just called it ’the Solution’. He was the supreme wanker of his day.  So yes I compare wankers.
2) Is the climate getting hotter? Probably. But heat isn’t too good but we’d better watch out if it’s cooling because the ice age something we really don’t want started tomorrow. Maybe if you live in LA it’s terrible to think of heat but I’ve lived in Winnipeg and the Arctic and I know an ice age would be more catastrophic, History says they really were.
3) Is Man ‘causing’ the presumed heating up of the planet?  No one doubts that he contributes. Politicians and climate change activists and everyone else expells hot air. Even wankers know that when they fart they heat up the atmosphere around them.  The question isn’t whether man and women are contributing but to what percent.  The Sun is the major heater in the Solar System. I know there are Sun deniers a plenty.  But the Sun is a particularly significant heat source.  Galileo and the Pope were at odds before. The present Pope seems on board with one group of scientists, the UN lot. The Catholic church got it wrong about Hitler. I preferred Bonhoeffer to the Pope of that day. This fellow though  seems a pretty jolly fellow.  But to err is human.  But lets be conciliatory with the paranoid arch evil climate change fanatics with their psychotic hysteria. Yes man farts. Yes man breathes. Yes CO2 is made by man and there is a need for less parking lots and more trees. I’ve written before I’m all in favour of cities being outlawed by the ecologists. The Pol Pot tried this.  They only killed millions but their ideology was another kind of hysteria.  Cities were bad.  Cities are bad. Those who live in cities are the most wasteful and leave the greatest carbon foot print.  So lets be serious about climate change and stop high rises. Universities have to stop building wasteful campuses.  Climate change conferences have to stop so that fewer jet trails will occur. All the ‘hot air’ of the United Nations should decease and desist.  It’s not just fossil fuels despite the take any sane person would have that this is more about an anti oil, gas and petroleum product political movement than anything truly concerned about the world future.
4) And if we admit that man contributes to climate change and his contribution can be changed by practical means such as limiting city growth then could the climate change hysterics admit that their projects are out by hundreds if not thousands of years.  We heard 10 year. We were told we had 10 years to live. We then got 100 years but the latest projections, projections which have been repeatedly off by decades, is thousands of years.  Science is about developing solutions and the solutions which can be developed in the next hundred years are light years further along than what we’ve done this last 100 years. There’s a science to this advance in solution resolving capabilities. The Science of Solution says that the capacity to solve problems scientifically outweighs the Capacity of Man to find problems.  Calm down the sky is not falling and we’re not going to boil up off the planet.  The prime and most expensive ocean side real estate shall lose value. This is a fact. All those who bought property close to the ocean are going to lose their shirts. Those poor folk with land in the midwest will see an increase in their investments.
5) Stop denying politics.  With change in energy source, China will gain from selling cheap solar panels while Canada will lose because it’s major resource has been natural products not manufactureing. We need to make a cheaper solar panel than China and make our Candu Uranium Generators safer and superior to the competitors.  That said wars are more likely to kill more people than heat.  Wars and famine have always been killers. Migration now is causing a whole lot of death. One child was found washed up on a beach. That wasn’t climate change. That was war.  If we want to stop war we can’t get there by marching for peace. I did that. It didn’t work.  The greatest peace marches of all time were in the 30’s occurring as the Nazis were arming.  Politics and power cost more lives than climate.
6) Now even when we agree that there is a problem.  But climate change hysterics are the sort that could find a problem on a blank wall, what is the solution.  What is the cost. How much money do you want?  The Kiota accords mean everyone in Canada pays everyone in hot countries their old age pension. It’s about that much. Yet tit for tat, no one paid us in Canada for being in the undesirable cold marginal world space while everyone else was living it up in the south. The reason is that no one in the north was smart enough politically to come up with a reverse Kiota Accord. With the old logic of war our forefathers conquered and took the winnings. Every single nation today has forefathers and foremothers who used that logic. The new deconstructionist logic is that we should be guity about our forefathers success and give to the southerners more resources. Carbon tax is just ‘more’ tax by a a different name.  I don’t want to give more taxes to a government that has proved it has no limit to it’s greed and waste.
7) The ecology department at the universities wants trillions of dollars. They have had millions and have been reduced to calling names because their science isn’t as sophisticated as the medical departments which literally wiped out malaria, the plague and all but cured AIDS>  I’d rather give my money to medicine.  I want to live a long life and I learned today that blood transfusions may be the answer against dementia.  Politically the United Nations other than the WHO organization couldn’t agree to fight it’s way out of a wet bag. It’s contributions to history have been utterly appalling.  Lots of cost and very little product for relative investment. Even the building has to be in the US because in most other places in the world the members would tear each other apart. Thanks to our forefathers the UN can exist but that doesn’t mean the tail should wag the dog.
8) I read a delightful book on Yellowstone National Park. It is the only patient that the Ecologists have so far had. I recommend everyone read this book on the history of the ecological interventions into Yellowstone National Park.  It’s a nightmare. Every ecologist solution created worse problems All their bright ideas cost worst waste. If my colleague who refers to himself with the height of arrogance as ‘doctor to the planet’ then he should also admit that he’s about where modern day medicine was therapeutically centuries ago.  Modern ecology isn’t even at the level of leeching.
9) So frankly I don’t want to give these clowns any more money. I know that ‘money’ and ‘grants’ are a pie and I know that they want the whole pie. The psychologists did too but have settled down into being a bit like the English department.  Languages in general is amazing but they really don’t want that much money. They do wonders for taking a lot of the fire out of debates. When people actually learn to speak their alternatives language there’s less fatuous thuggery like calling people ‘deniers’.  Accountants want to know what the climate change hysterics want in actual sums of money.  The question is simply is this the best way to spend my money.
10) the fact is people like variety. I had a ride in the Tesla car. It was fashionable. I’m more likely to buy it because of the quiet and lack of noise pollution than I am because of the energy debate. As a scientist I know how much coal is used to produce the electricity the electric cars run off. Just because the exhaust is over a factory far away, and therefore politically correct, doesn’t mean the car doesn’t have a huge carbon foot print.  Still it’s cute.  So lots of people are going to buy cute.  So when the strident ex hippy dope smoking loud mouths get off their soapboxes there will be diversity. It probably would have occurred because people like the colour green. We like paradise too. So since the industrial age we’ve been making great inroads in advancing technology with less destruction.  War is still a bit. And ISIS continues to chop off heads and destroy tourist sites destroying the future of whole peoples. I’d rather see money spent on killing ISIS and Boco Harem wankers than giving it to the guys whose best product is the history of Yellowstone National Park.  My total experience of the Climate Change folk is their strident hysteria and self righteous religious fervour but with little down to earth actual cash discussions. Their ‘Solution’ is to my mind as costly as the Nazi solution. I believe the planet will last a lot longer than the United Nations and the climate change financial orgy.  I think the department of medicine would spend the money the climate change folk want better. I think the engineers in general could build a better NASA escape elevator and maybe devise an umbrella to block the sun to a considerable part of the planet. Maybe with more money spent on space flight we could pick up some ice from space and rebuild the declining glaciers.  We don’t ever get around to discussing the ludicrousy of climate change projects because we’ve never got beyond them having great bitch fest talks and demanding more and more money.
I don’t like them.  I don’t.  There’s something about them that turns me off.  In fact I find the climate change histerics a bit evil.  I don’t trust them with the planet. I don’t trust the United Nations (period).  I think the climate change hysterics are academic terrorists.  And I think someone should tell the wankers to stop being greedy and to take their rightful johnny come lately place at the academic feeding trough. My money is on the robotic guys to come up with some incredible ‘solution’ and it will just happen scientifically without all that arty farty emotional hug fest and name calling Hollywood pissing contest.  That’s what I think.  I’m not voting for anyone who wants me to pay more money to some guys telling me they are going to save the world.  Wasn’t anyone paying attention when these same wankers insisted the world was going to end with the ozone layer disappearing, or the world was going to end at 2000 because the computers would shut down.
Didn’t you just notice we had Blood moons in spades and eclipses. The Mayans prophecies and the Messianic Jewish prophecies and Nostradamus and the galaxy and Yom Kippur all happened and the planet did not disappear. The rapture didn’t even occur and all the Wiccan ladies had to continue on with their day jobs because the season of the witch didn’t do anything.  That’s prophecy for you.
My prophecy is that we’ll survive. Some of us.  The others will die.  The human race will prevail.  And this will look like a fart to a future race of historians who look through history with their noses seeking to smell a rat. Something stinketh this way cometh.
And one day the banks will disappear and lawyers and doctors and socialists and capitalists like the tribal leaders of a yesteryear. And children in a future year will have individual energy and fly with thought alone and maybe engineered wings.  There will be heaven on earth and we’ll probably not notice because we have a tendency to focus more on things we fear than on things we love.  I’ll end being thankful.  What a great day this is. What a wonderful world.  The future is bright.  Maybe I’ll wear shades. Maybe I’ll not.

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