Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kevin and Anna Bustard's Wedding.

I met Anna through my friend's Elizabeth (Dr. Feeley) and Phil. Elizabeth has all the Christian virtue of my mother with her strong will and the great warrior woman, Boudicea in her veins.  Phil and Elizabeth are all that makes Christianity the living religion it is. They are two of my all time favourite Bibles.  We all attended St. James Anglican Church together.  Anna was their god daughter.  

Anna epitomized the finest in young women, bright, beautiful, creative, thoughtful and spiritual.  She’s the model of today’s Christian young woman. My mother would not approve her tattoos and piercing but would love her kindred soul. It was no surprise that Kevin fell in love with her. Who wouldn’t!  What surprised us all was why such an amazing young woman would fall in love with Kevin.  It’s not an uncommon thought for men in love.  The love of a good woman has brought many a man to their knees in thanksgiving.  For many a man it’s the true and humble encounter with Grace.  

Kevin, my friend, is a good man. Not that he always was.  What Anna loved about him was the love he had for his son, Izick, from his first marriage.  She loved his spiritual longing and hard work and intellect.  They dreamed family together.

I like his poetry. He’s a regular Carl Sandburg, a man who works with his hands then writes the most sensitive and moving thoughts of a fervent heart.  Kevin and my life overlapped outside of church and we had many a conversation about God and life. It was so refreshing to hear his love of God, his love of Anna, and his love of family. He is so deep and real in a oftimes shallow and plastic society.   

Kevin and Anna grew together.  Then Alexander came along to celebrate their love, then Kendra, such wonderful gifts of God.  Elizabeth and Phillip went off to Saudia to work and I felt that old man’s need to watch out for the young till their return. Next thing I knew I was a god father.  Gilbert, my cockapoo figured Izeck and Alexander and Kendra were his brothers and sister.  Families grow in church. The community of St. James Anglican does its things.  Grace abounds.

The Phoenix is a bird that rises from the ashes of the past.  Kevin was born again, once slated to be a preacher, he turned to heavy machinery and poetry instead. Now he was blessed by the fullness of new life and love. 

What God had joined and the church had blessed was this day made one in Christian marriage. It was a beautiful wedding.  Anna wore Elizabeth’s wedding dress.  The brocade was lovely.  Kevin’s suit looked so fine but it was a near disaster as no one knew how to tie a bow tie.  Thankfully one of the women did.  The pre wedding chaos was fun to be a part of. I was the groomsman. Laura sat in the audience. Gilbert stayed at my side because if I leave him he makes a fuss. So there was Kendra held by Kevin unwilling to be parted from her parents and Gilbert only quiet because he could  lay happily at my side  in the wedding party.  Izek and Alexander were most mature, great young ring bearers. They look terrific in black suits emulating their father.  Everyone was part of the wedding.  It was a moving service.  Rev. Canon Douglas Williams was the loving celebrant. Rev. Canon Kevin Hunt, priest in charge St. James, participated with reverence. 

The maid of honour, Kathryn Smith and bridesmaid, Anna’s sister, Joslyn Bustin were truly beautiful. Little  Kendra and Lisa  were the flower girls one sprinkling flowers and the other crying loudly.     Kevin’s Best Man Adrian was a lark. What a sense of humour and joie de vivre!  I loved my fellow yellow rose men who work with Kevin too.  Al Bustin and Phllip Feeley presented the bride. Anna was radiant.  Kevin was suitably humble.  Grace was present.

It was a beautiful ceremony.  I loved the choir.  I loved the choice of songs that included “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee’.  The sacred was everywhere.  Everyone was smiling.  The wedding concluded after communion, a communion I felt so deeply in the presence of such love.

Gilbert was delighted to reunited with Laura as we headed off for the abundant potluck lunch in the hall. It is always fun to talk with Karen and see others like Father Matthew I know better in the church. But then the photographer wanted my old face as a contrast to the youth there that day. Phillip Elizabeth and I seemed surprisingly to be the elders.  I still don’t know how this happened.  But the photographer hopefully knows photoshop and will assist me.  Kevin and Anna and the rest of wedding party would need no such assistance.  They all fairly glowed.

I was shocked to be asked to give a toast and blurted out whatever good came to mind.  Thankfully I got through that and everyone was so happy and smiling I didn’t detract from the joy of the occasion. Karen actually said I sounded just fine. Then others gave speeches, brief and celebratory.  Father Matthew summed it up with the words family and community. It touched my heart deeply to be there.  

Thank you Anna and Kevin for sharing your love and  precious moments with us.  May your family always prosper and God’s light shine on you and yours.  



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Geo4tune said...

Well said, sir! You have certainly captured the events of that wonderful day.