Monday, October 12, 2015

Sailing Vessel GIRI in Bath

Well, it’s true. My lovely vessel is here after another yachting adventure.  The Loyalist Cove Marina office wasn’t open so Allan and I just got to look at the beauty in the yard.  Just needs a paint job and rigging restored and it’s ready for Lake Ontario.  Thousand Islands.  I’ll have my brother out sailing late spring next year.  Will arrange winterizing. All the boats are hauled out here.  They hibernate for the winter then the sailing season begins.  Eventually we’ll transit the Eyrie Canal and head out to the Caribbean and Atlantic.  18 years ago I’d sailed the SV GIRI to the Sea of Cortez with a view to carrying it overland to Gulf of Mexico from Quaymos.  As it turned out I sailed solo to Hawaii in winter then later sailed the Hawaian Islands with Tom. The two of us sailed the GIRI back from Hawaii despite breaking the mast.  Now I’m looking forward to sailing with my brother and nephews. Only the youngest, Allan, has been on the GIRI.  I’m sure we’ll like the fresh water and everyone waxes poetic about sailing in the thousand islands. I just think my brother and I will enjoy sailing the Bay of Quinte.  Thank you Andrews Trucking. Thank you God for bringing the SV GIRI safely across Canada.
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