Thursday, October 1, 2015


Thank you God for this new month October. Thank you for seeing me through the spring summer and September. Thank you for my brothers well being.  Thank you for cures and remissions and reprieves. Thank you for Grace. Thank you for Church. Thank you for Medicine.  Thank you for our leadership. We are so fortunate to have the least bad of the world’s often corrupt social systems.  Please let the politicians in general look to their own business and not interfere in ours.  Limit the reaches of government and control the cancerous spread of control and domination and regulation and taxation.  Please leave me some little freedoms and the finances to end my life with some dignity.

Thank you for the blessings that have brought me this far. Thank you for the glorious autumn we are experiencing. Thank you for the weekends. Thank you for watching tv and reading novels at night. Thank you most for Gilbert who even now nestles up against my back letting me know he is there.  Thank you for his readiness and willingness to join me in whatever endeavours. Thank you for his companionship.  Thank you for the dreams I had last night , the sex and the adventures and the friends and the exotic places. Thank you for holding back the nightmares. Thank you for these days where fear is overcome by love.  Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for work. Thank you for gifts. Thank you for my motorcycle and my car. Thank you for this body despite the aches and injuries.  Thank you for CPAP machines and ibuprofen. Thank you coffee. Especially thank you for coffee. Thank you for the fish too Lord. Thank you for light and chairs and couches and desks and food and all the basics.

Thank you for bringing us through all the doomsday prophecies for September. Thank you for proving wrong all the naysayers. Thank you for not fulfilling the climate change prophecizers and not boiling us off the planet like fried eggs as we were told would happen. Thank you for leaving us atmosphere despite the dire warnings and promises of the fear mongers. Thank you for the error in Silent Spring.Thank you for the rains. Thank you for the sunshine. Thank you for the ever greener vegetation languishing in the increased C02 which was never factored into the projections which are already as off as the Millenial Madness fears.

Thank you for the mundane.  Help us make it through more Obama madness with regard to Iran and save us from Syria’s folly and the further invasion of jihadists. Protect us here from those who would bring their medieval anger and tribal vengefulness to this country which has been made polite by hundreds of years of terribly hard work at peace.  Please keep us free from the past. Protect us from the misery that now is Europe and the Middle East.  Let our children know the joy of wilderness.Thank you that i grew up in Canada without AK47’s and people who kill comedians and those who cheer about it in masses in the streets.  

Thank you for quiet Lord. Thank you for ‘universal education’ and ‘universal health care’ and all the attempts that have been made to level the playing field. Thank you for the efforts of my grandparents and parents to ensure that tyrants didn’t rule in Canada. Thank you for a religion of equality.  Thank you for the sacrifices of my parents and grand parents for the world I live in today. Thank you that they made a life here with little more than the shirts on their backs and hard work and no welfare system but willingness to accept direction and to do what was needed.  Thank you for their sacrifices and their discipline. Thank you for the training they gave me and the years I worked night and day and 7 days a week before I was told I was a fool for caring for anyone else but myself.  Thank you for the idyllic Christian days when I believed that my country would care for me when I could no longer care for myself.

Help me not to fear that those who are from more desperate places with much more calculating and criminal ideas of money will steal what little I have acquired by ‘delayed gratification’ and ’saving’.  Protect me from the ever growing ‘party’ mentality of the ‘party politicians’.  Help me maintain hope in face of the coming elections where some are promising to give a way what I thought would be my future and my rest after I sacrificed so much for so long. Thank you for the last years of my parents and grandparents lives and the pensions they had.  Help me believe that I won’t have to kill and steal when I am old to eat in this country which I worked so long to protect and help others to enjoy.  

Please forgive me my fears Lord. I’m afraid as I listen to the one world government and despotic United Nations Agenda 21.  I know that an elite want to kill me and everyone I know with physician assisted suicides.  I'm not happy with all the abortions they have forced upon Canadian women.   Now they want to take even more  dividing and conquering  bringing scab labour from all over.  I know their aim is to destroy any unity that might be left. The Totalitarianism reaks today from all aspects and parties in Government. The media is propaganda.   Thank you for the lessons of history, knowing the methods of theof the NAZIs, National Socialists and the Communists,  because I see this day as that day.  I fear world leadership has learned the control, suppression, dominination tactics from  Imperialists,   Nazis and Communists obscuring their designs in smoke and mirrors.  I fear  I live among the stupid who have never studied history.   They seem so vegan happy when they are told ‘let them eat cake’. Today the cake is marijuana.    Let them smoke weed!  Let them inject their poisonous heroin safely.  Give them CNN and CBC.   Lie, lie, deny, deny! Oh there goes the fear Lord. Save me from the fear this Halloween election, this Season of the Witch election.  

Help me to laugh as  all this deserves. Thank you for sobriety. Thank you for meditation. Thank you for prayer. Thank you for exercise. Thank you for the planet. Thank you for the galaxy. Thank you for NASA.  Thank you for Virgin. Thank you for the 80,000 years of others like me who waffle between love and fear and hopefully come out going forward. I know I sometimes back into the future but thank you for those times I walk face forward and eyes open. Forgive me those fetal position mental moments when I close my eyes and wait for the next catastrophe.  Forgive me for remembering too well those lying thieving women who were protected by the gender and deceit. Thank you for helping me forget their long necks and the boys who gathered in vicious gangs with them. Thank you for all those who rescued me from the pit.  Thank you Lord for saving me from despair.  Thank you for teaching me too that I so often create my own folly by my lack of listening to my elders and my peers. Help me to hear your wee small voice. Thank you for being there when I was such a wanker.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings. Thank you for helping me develop and mature and become less a whiner than I was yesterday.  Thank you for stopping me from killing people and help me remain a pacifist even when you begin offer to  pay me really big bucks for physician assisted suicides.  Thank you for the empathy and depth of character to made me stop doing abortions even though they were so lucrative.  Everyone wants on the killing band wagon. Thank you for helping me be a physician instead.  Thank you for the oaths I took. Thank you for the ethics of ‘do no harm’ and the message of ‘just for today’.  Thank you for all the wisdom I’ve gained, the teachers I have had. Thank you for the guidance. Thank you for showers and running water and indoor plumbing and sinks and refridgerators and laundry and soap. Thank you for love Lord. Thank you for your presence and the reminders I’m not alone. 

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