Monday, October 12, 2015

Magicuts Haircuts Kingston

A famous judge meeting me said to her partner judge in an aside, “Whose the long haired hippy?”  I was wearing jeans and sandals at the time.  Those who point fingers should remember three fingers are pointing back. She rides a big motorcycle with her fellow judge and no doubt people have asked the same about her.  She’s known for her sense of humour.
When I was groomsman at Kevin and Anna’s wedding I hadn’t realized I’d have to stand up at the altar with them.  Now I see pictures of my long haired, aging pot bellied self in sports jacket, barefeet and sandals and think it’s not quite the ‘look’ of my ‘professional’ self.  My hair is thinning too. This shows more with long hair. Vanity.  I might soon  convert to Judaism so I can wear a halmukah.
Allan said I looked like a farmer.  Laura has suggest for a month or two a haircut would be in order.  In fact it came up when I got Gilbert sheered, “Gilbert looks great with a haircut. Don’t you think you might get one two. “ she said.
“You’re supposed to be a young professional and you’re looking fairly scuzzy, yourself.” I told Allan.
We made a pact to get our hair cuts. He needed to buy some shoes. After the haircut we got him a Danier leather jacket.  With haircuts and new duds he looked a close proximity to what a young academic psychologist might look like.
I stopped my haircut half way done for a selfie. I posted it to Facebook telling Annie McCullough whose distinctive hair cut is rapidly becoming a part of the Canadian Recovery movement, that I was joining her in solidarity.  The lopsided cut looks very attractive on her. With her renowned  sense of humour she texted laughter in return.
My stylist was a delightfully refreshing Polish Canadian woman who spoke of her love for Canada, arriving and not speaking English.  Only 6 years here, and I’d not even noted an accent.  “I think it’s respectful to learn the language and culture you’re moving to.” she said.   I was  impressed.
Now thanks to these great Magicut stylists, Allan and I are looking like professionals.  I like that my ball cap fits better. Seeing the pictures, Laura texted me that  we were " good looking guys,"
 Allan says his girlfriend Meagan will like it.  “She’ll like it even better when I shave off my beard.
 Our dogs, Gilbert and Eva, didn’t care less. They were just happy to see us when we returned to Hay Bay from Kingston.
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