Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Refugees and the News

1) I don’t want more criminals.
2) I don’t want terrorists.
3) I don’t want refugees who aren’t refugees but migrants wanting to jump the immigration que into Canada.
4) I don’t want radical moslems.  I know countries who take more than Canada but the media has lied about them.  Some countries like Sweden have taken a lot of orphaned children. Other countries have only taken Syrian Christians. Some have taken women. The question is who are all these strong young angry men who appear to be principally from Pakistan and the other Stans where Russia has been fighting them. I have read the news of black market identifications and passports being sold by the millions.
5) Canadians are fairly soft bellied.  Travelling I’ve repeatedly met the gangs of young men who have killed in their military. They are not like Canadians,  ’soft’. I was mugged by a Moslem gang of men who with military precision descended on me in the centre of Athens in a lighted tourist district, calling me “Infidel’ and ripping the gold cross from my throat. The world is a changed place.   Millions of young girls have been raped by Moslem male gangs in England, 1400 in one English town. The power of political correctness and the utter fear of the entrenched radical moslem violence has caused these girls to go without justice.  England and Germany have both declared multiculturalism a failure. What am I supposed to learn here in Canada.  I was in Istanbul where the murderers of Charlie were being celebrated by the crowds of Moslem Brotherhood who thought it right a comic should be killed for drawing a caricature.
6) I’m old and my government is saying it’s going to take my pension and give it to strangers.  Trudeau says he wants a hundred million dollars to bring in 20,000 Syrians.  I’m sorry but I’d rather he distribute that money to me. I’ve given the government my left kidney in taxes and I don’t have hope for the future because Syrians as a culture don’t support democracy. These people are tribal and family based. They don’t know a secular society where we all contributed by our work so that when we couldn’t we would be cared for by pensions.  Our pensions are being taken. We’re being told that we have to work another 2 or 5 years more to pay for all those who stopped working. We learned that first generation ‘refugees’ are a huge burden financially. But immigrants produce the second and third generation of Canadians that make this land powerful and secure. Refugees often don’t participate, but take, waiting for their chance to return or move on to somewhere better like the States. Immigrants are a different matter.  They specifically come to Canada and want to come to Canada. Canada has always wanted immigrants. Except the First Nations.  First Nations don’t like immigrants. They probably have their reasons.  We might have something to learn from them.
7) I’m old and know change can be good or bad or worse. I’ve accepted so much nonsense from my government for decades and frankly I’m full up with the lies of parliament and the supreme court. The Liberals before the Conservatives disgusted me . The provincial NDP wasted my province and encouraged all manner of crime..  The national governments regardless of party haven’t helped me very much. I worked and pay huge taxes.  My skills are taken for granted and all the charity I give to various causes results in the government taking credit but the money going to paying their cronies. Cronyism reigns in Canada.  Jenny Kwan makes Mike Duffy look like a choir boy.  Our media has become the greatest source of propaganda of all times. Goebels could learn a think or two from our CBC news. The disinformation is precious.
8) I want this election to be something.  But mostly I’ve seen things get better. Different governments.  More taxes. More corruption.  And I get older and I work and I grow more and more tired. Dying looks more attractive each year.  Yet in reality we're progressing.  It really is getting better and better.
9) Agenda 21 is real. The United Nations wants to kill us.  The communists broke up unions with scab labour Jews they could kill if they wanted.  Jews have been a great scapegoat.   Maybe the Moslems will be the new Jews.  I’d rather have Hindus and Siks as refugees.  I like moderate Muslims.  I want  someTaoists. I’d like best if we took the Christian refugees from the Sudan. The Moslems rode through their villages with machetes killing and maiming men women and children but like Rwanda it wasn’t a popular war. The media didn’t get involved. Who cares if a pastor is whacked.  Christians don’t walk out of their countries en mass and invade others insisting they’re refugees. They’re trying to rebuild their countries. They’re still fighting. Last I heard the Chinese were moving into the Sudan.  I think it’s unfair that the US gets Mexican migrants. I’ve studied Spanish. I like Spanish speaking people. Why can’t we take in Catholics.  We once didn’t accept Catholics. Couldn’t we have catholics. Catholics women wear bikinis. I don’t like any religion that bans bikinis. I don’t want women going around with their face covered.  I don’t want men to have to dress like ISIS killers either. I think we should send Mila Cyress to Syria.  If they won’t accept Mila then we won’t accept them.  We should give them the Kardashians too.  I expect they’d want us to take a few thousand refugees if they’re going to get the Kardashians but it would be all in the name of fair trade.
10) I’m fed up with the CBC news.  The news seems to be mostly propaganda.  BBC remains the best of a bad lot but it's even packaged and sterilized for political correctness consumption.  Info Wars and  Ezra Levant are the only 'dissenting opinions' to the mass already digest talking heads effluence that passes today as News.
11) I feel sorry for the refugees.  I feel sorry for those who have lost their homes.  The media has caused me to feel sorry and guilty daily because the media is obsessed with tragedy voyeurism.  I’ve seen too much tragedy close up. I’m a front line worker. I know the devastation in my family and neighbourhood.  I know my family’s history. My grandfather’s were immigrants.  I know the misery one left.  I also know that a community can only tolerate a certain amount of change in a certain space of time without insanity following.  My problem with the refugees is mostly my problem with the media.  I keep learning that the story that they’re telling isn’t true.  I keep hearing their bias and misinformation.  Then I have a problem with people I know because they’ve swallowed hook line and sinker the propaganda of the party line.
12) I have trained for years in CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy.  I know the danger of ‘emotional reasoning’.  I have heard the hysteria of CBC news and the utter insanity of their journalism of emotional reasoning over this refugee issue ad nauseum.  I heard that our government was methodically and responsibly doing the job of screening and bringing in refugees and immigrants.  We’d just accepted 20,000 Afghans. We’ve accepted 5000 Syrians.   Yet someone said, what about the “boat people”.  And no one considered the ‘Boat People’ were our ‘allies’.  The communists were killing the democrats so yes we accepted a whole lot of boat people.  Yet Syrians were the ally of Russia and the Moslems were not accepting them and the Russians weren’t coming to their rescue.  Why should we as Canadians?  Especially when Justin said he wanted a hundred million dollars to bring in 20,000 refugees.  Meanwhile the refugee problem is a product of the ‘human trafficking industry’ profiting off the crisis.  Further it turns out that 80% of refugees aren’t Syrians but rather Pakistanian migrants. And if we’re considering taking migrants, personally I’d prefer Mexicans if only because they like Bikinis too.  And if you think the Bikini versus the Niqab trivializes the discussion then you're a bit too concrete for adult conversation.  Read a little Jung and Symbols and make a leap into 'abstract reasoning'.  Think outside the box.  Imagine a nation and culture that kills anyone who criticizes the ruler.  Imagine someone who bans Bikinis.  Imagine.
At the end of the day I trust all government little, our government the most and I especially trust our Foreign Affairs better than I trust the CBC news.  Mostly I hate them and anyone implying or saying I don’t care and I don’t understand and I’m not being loving when I am all of those and have served and am relatively poor because I have served the needy and worked in the areas of greatest need with the most desperate people.  I have also helped refugees and immigrants and love these people with true agape. I admire so many of my immigrant friends. So I don’t like this constant shaming and guilt mongering done by the media and capitalized on by political parties.  When I raise my concerns I also don’t like being shouted down by thugs whose only tool of debate is emotional reasoning, threats, and ad hominem.  What concerns me most is that we’re getting such skewed news about the Refugee crisis because lies appear to sell more than truth in media today.

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