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History and God and Stuff

Modern Times - Paul Johnson 
Intellectuals - Paul Johnson
Brief History of the World - H.G. Wells
Winston Churchill - history of the world or Winston Churchill Biography
Re War
WWI - remember Kaiser - killed - series of alliances - but old ideas and new weapons - machine guns and horses - europe has war every 50 years, - all countries trade in military stuff - american made best, followed by european - followed by russian and chinese - different wars are sales bazaars.  The triangle of trade of british empire was (slaves, guns, rum).  Today it’s (sex slaves, pharmaceuticals and drugs and guns).  Nothing changes that much.  We benefit by being friends of the winner, like the neighbour of Egypt once they acquiesced same as rome
WWI ended with Britain and allies winning against Germany and allies
Made Germany pay big time.  Major depression in germany .  English history usually blames french who really are devious fuck up (see quebec and troudeau double dealing) During Depression Rothchilds built castles and mansions and flaunted jewish wealth as did others - Hitler rose and took over country with perverts and thugs.  Neo pagan. Anti semitism easy because Jews looked different. Like Indian chiefs in Canada all being millionaires ruining the image of poor nice Indian. Rothschilds did same for masss of jews.  Rich give the poor a bad name in any group.  
(However given my bias to the Celts , my heritage , they do no wrong - this is tribalism - cannibals are tribal - my tribe is better than your tribe.  We’ve devolved into tribalism in Canada - to understand this read Jared Diamond - Traditional Society - see anthropology)
Pagan is the pre christian religions like Druids and such.  Good stuff.  Wickens and such build on pagans - pagans usually polytheist - every tree a god - the tree huggers are usually neo pagan
WWII was won by Stalin in East wasting men against german tanks and in the west the Americans waited till the Brits were exhausted and Pearl Harbour forced them to enter war - because they entered so late they could steal glory.  see Hollywood.
Post WWII - silly United Nations but really good american ‘lend lease’ and rebuilding of the world for profit.  
Meanwhile the Canadian Liberal Prime Minister during the war was running off with whores , holding seances to get advice from his mother and believed his dog could channel his dead mother.  The liberals don’t like people to read history.
See Chamberlain and Churchill.  Liberals in England are ‘whigs’.  Conservatives are Tories. In US , conservatives are Republican and liberals are democrats.  Liberals tend towards government solutions and centralized government (troudeau wanted all power in Ottawa  - his son wants you to smoke dope) - and conservatives tend to decentralization and business solutions.  Leadership of liberals and tories are both rich and ridiculously powerful but the left always claims to represent the poor which they don’t.  They just treat them like gullible children.  Liberals did the same early with women but women got smart quick. Though Troudeau is running his campaign for girls and boys.  Worked for his father since we were baby boomers and stupid and lots of us.  
Secular Age is a good book
Aetheism is very recent - see Intellectuals - Neitze - main proponent - ‘god is dead’ .  Betrand Russell /CS Lewis debates about god existence best.
Modern day atheists have been able to criticize (they’re great critics and commonly addicts and drunks ) because there’s been no ‘atheist religion’ they say or outward manifestation of ‘atheism’  However communism is the political expression of Aetheism as the British Empire was the political expression of Protestant Christianity whereas Rome was the political expression of Paganist theism.  
I saw those guys were really scared about this direct attack because it really does take the wind out of their sales and all evidence to date - see Psychiatry and Spirituality is that spiritual people are healthy and happy.
they equate ‘tribalism’ and ‘nationalism’ with theism - all tribes and all nations had their gods - it’s like blaming ‘flags’ for the history of war and competition.  However Communists are atheists and the sole major political expression of atheism and they’ve killed 100 million people (roughly 1 million a year for last 100 years-- more efficient killing machines than any tribe before them - atheists are the great killers and add to that the number of millions aborted principally by atheists - so they like to talk about the crusades with the killing of a a few thousand hundreds of years ago to distract the silly from the actual killing of millions going on right now - see Killing Fields Cambodia, etc.
Those atheists are liars and fucked. 
Buddhists don’t have a ‘god’ perse anymore than modern ‘Christians’ have a god in the sky thing - thats why these aethesist guys are sleaze because they always argue today’s buddhist atheism versus 5 hundred years ago misrepresented theism - Merton, the catholic monk went off and lived and worked with the Buddhist - his take is the best but my favourite is Trungpa who wrote spiritual materialism. He said westerns couldn't understand buddhism with their 'pac man' mindsets.

God is here and now but we’re all made out of the imagination of God - we’re ‘god stuff”.  God loves Dwarkins even if he’s wrong.  The fact is God’s highly amused.  Actually God is mostly laughing.  Anxiety is a measure of one’s distance from God

Now consider that India and Asia and Africa and all sorts of countries don't get any coverage in CNN.  Canada doesn't get coverage outside of Canada.  Amazing lesson when I travelled Europe.  Nothing happens in Canada except Celine Dion, Mayor Ford and such.  So "history" isn't about anything except major wars and some famous people - so the history of the world 100 yeas ago was about rulers and winners.   I loved the monasteries in the hills.  Little farms out of the way.  There were a lot of soccer riots through history and people were always trying to get by without the marauders and pillagers.  Rape of boys and girls has gone on for ever.

Feminism is part of 'social communism' - verus 'women's liberation' and 'suffragettism' which were Christian movements and movements of the 'secular age'.  Communists are the great 'thief's of the world.  Greatest originality is democracy and in the names that reward the creator (patent law ) versus communism which takes the rewards of the scientists and gives them all to the politicians - a kind of gangsterism.

Corporations - are the new 'arch enemy' but corporations are the best latest way of distributing money for large projects - history of money is worth studying in this regard because it's always been 'herding cats'.

Science of Fear by Gardner is the best book because it exposes the media 'fear mongering' and the fact that we're doing really good with indoor plumbing , disease eradication, weather notices and good food.  We're all living better lives and the poor are 20% versus 80%.  But the communists and atheists would have you believe otherwise because when everyone is negative and smoking dope then they complain and there's a revolution - se Beatles ' we don't want a revolution' - just means devolution and new tyrant gets in- see all the coups of africa and middle east - corruption now issue - see bankers , politicians, and the truly amazing potential for abuse of everything that the truly wealthy children of the truly wealthy can get up to.  Most people lead lives of quiet deperation and don't do so much bad because of lack of opportunity.  When vices are widely available greater percentage indulge.  So what happens when 'money' doesn't limit your potential for 'evil' .  See Beiber.  Poor kid.  Hollywood treatment centres.  Mayor Ford. There but for the grace of God go I.  

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