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Deer Viewing, Princeton, BC

Deer Viewing is a more political correct way of describing what I and Gilbert do on weekends.  Hunting seems so violent and definitive.  Like Global Warming or Global Cooling, there’s a right or wrong about that thing. Instead “Climate Change” captures the positive and no one is ever wrong.   With the climate , well ‘it’s changing’.   I was in Princeton as a sort of  ‘monitor’.  I did have rifles with me but that was only in case the climate attacked me and I had to fend off UN activists reports.  As it was I didn’t have news for 48 hours.  Much to my surprise, despite the ‘dire warnings’ of the fear mongering United Nations I survived the weekend.  At high altitude I got cell reception and in town so I was able to take urgent phone calls but I didn't listen to the news.
Gilbert and I left Vancouver in a flurry of activity, beating the worst of the rush hour traffic.  I listened to Rankin’s, Saints of the Shadow Bible all audio books and thoroughly enjoyed it.  In Abbotsford I got Gilbert three new squeaky yellow tennis balls.  He enjoyed them immensely.  I threw a lot of ball all weekend.  I also got him Blue dried food and Blue wet food containers he loved.
We stayed at Canada’s Best Value Inn.  The Asian night attendant was dressed in hospital gown and had a melee of hack saws and pliers for emergency surgery. It was halloween.
“I saw the three stooges do this skit, “ the delightful lady said.  The room was about $90 with $15 for Gilbert.  There was a microwave, and refrigerator, desk and chairs, a couple of large comfortable double beds.
I’ve stayed at Canada’s Best Value Inn before and love it’s central location. The rooms are clean. The courtyard parking makes it’s safe from crime.  There was a hot tub down the hall. I didn’t use it this time. I watched movies on cable tv.  
The next morning I drove out to the south in pretty thick fog.   I’d seen a bull moose in the spring so thought this was a good place to start.  Spike Fork Moose and 4 point mule deer were the animals most favoured for ‘viewing’.  All others were ‘illegal’.  I never saw any moose.  I did meet a young fellow who'd not only 'viewed' a four point buck but had it in the back of his truck.
First morning I stopped at A&W, which opens  at 6 am.  Gilbert loves their sausage paddy.  Laura broke these up for him when he was a puppy.  He got used to the attention and continues to expect it.  I break the paddy up. He still hoovers it.  I enjoy the sausage and egger and hash browns.    I also like the A&W coffee. I have a new stainless steel thermos by Thermos from Canadian Tire, rated for 24 hours. It sure kept my coffee hot all day, better than any thermos I've ever had before.  
We parked the Ford truck and I unloaded the Yamaha Kodiac 450 ATV.  We’d hardly gone 10 minutes when I came upon a three point buck and  a spike.  They were just crossing the road and stopped to look at me.  Not for long.  They headed on up the hill immediately.  A doe followed behind passing by me 20 feet away.  Gilbert was so excited but stayed on the ATV as trained.  I’d naturally got off and grabbed my Winchester 70.    The fog limited visibility to a couple of hundred yards. Still with my scope, I watched the deer climb the hill between the pines.
It was a great day for ATV’ing.  A bit chilly though. The fog left everything damp. I came across a permanent hut.  It was nice to get out of the wind and have a cup of coffee there. I’d had to put a hoodie on Gilbert because he was wet and shaking as we drove along the logging trails.  He didn’t like the hoodie but it kept him warm on the ATV.  He stopped shaking. I took it off when we walked.  
It was mainly the cold that got me heading back in the early afternoon. I’d watched a doe while I ate a sandwich and drank more coffee.  Gilbert enjoyed his Blue Divine Delights. They’re a better quality Little Cesar. Of course he also had to have some of my roast beef sandwich.
Back at the truck I was glad to load the ATV as quickly as possible then get in the warm cabin.  Back in town I stopped at Princeton Outdoor Supply. I’ve been coming there for a couple of decades.  I'm always impressed with the selection of stock.   I bought my 3 piece cammo suit here a decade back and it’s still the best I’ve ever come across.  Today I'd lost the key to the trigger lock for my Ruger 22 so he drilled it out and sold me combination trigger lock to replace it.  I’d broken off the battery case on my Bushnell Fusion Binocular Rangefinder.  I guess it banged hard against something. I love those binoculars and love the range finder for training me better in estimating distance.   I got them a few years back in 100 Mile House when they first came out. I've loved them ever since and hope Bushnell will be able to repair them. I think it's just a matter of gluing.
Thanks to Princeton Outdoor Supply I got a set of Vortex Waterproof 10x50 binoculars.  The owner of the store said to me, "Use them to look at that herd of deer up on that distant hill and you'll appreciate how good these Vortex are." Looking with the 10x42 Vortex he pointed to the deer which just lept out at me when I looked with the 10x50.
I’d just taken pictures of deer on the way into town on private property as well as some right in the town. Now I was looking at a herd up on a hill. No shortage of deer around Princeton.  The binocular’s were the ‘brightest’ I’ve used too.   Vortex is a fabulous American company.  The binoculars were so compact too, and under $300.  I'll use them for hunting until the Bushnell's are repaired then these will become my yachting binoculars.  They're really that good.
Back at the Hotel I meant to just have an hour nap before the evening hunt but woke at 6 pm.  Instead of gearing up I walked next door to Pasha’s Pizza and Indian Food.  A half hour later Gilbert and I were enjoying the All Meat Pizza and  excellent tandoori chicken.    Gilbert slept while I watched Criminal Minds and read Tom Clancy with Mark Greany’s  Command Authority.  I loved the before bed long hot shower
At 5:30 am I packed the guns and ammo back in the truck. I packed up everything not needing to come back.  Once again we stopped at A&W then headed west to Whipsaw. It’s in the direction of home and I have shot deer there before. It was the first place I hunted in BC too, back in 1986.  I had a VW Rabbit and couldn’t get up Whipsaw because of the ice and snow. I only had my Browning 30:06 back then.
Mostly I remember Whipsaw for the time I had parked my Astro Van, a decade or so back up, on Cross.  I had hiked an hour or two back in the woods from there  when the sleet began.  I headed back to the van as fast as I could but not fast enough. The roads were ice. I had chains but they did little to slow me down. I ski’d the whole way down Cross and Whipsaw Lamont picking up speed and sure I’d go over the side  into the steep ravines as I took corners almost on 2 wheels.  It was beyond black diamond skiing   I  prayed the whole way down.
Today it was just slick with mud.  Ploughs and other big machinery was out working on the roads.   I was driving my Ford F350 4x4 diesel with an ATV in the back for weight.  It certainly was a far different ride. I'm still very thankful.
 I only viewed deer. I even got pictures.   I didn’t even see any grouse.  Gilbert was happy to have the ball thrown.  At noon I drove out stopping before the highway to put trigger locks on the guns return  them to their cases.
Good thing I did. The police and conservation were waiting on the highway checking all hunters.  I passed,showing my hunting license,  driver’s license and  all the rifles  properly stowed with trigger locks.  Gilbert was very popular with the officer.
Now I’m back in the city.
I uploaded a picture to Facebook of me wearing my Go Pro camera which I used while ATV’ing. I said it was really a device to communicate with passing spaceships and also found lost metal in the air.  When I get time I'll render the film and upload it to you tube.  It really was a great weekend.
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