Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gilbert's New Sweater

We were walking down Commercial, across from the park.  Gilbert pulled me into the pet store there. We’ve been before. He likes the treats.  Today he even accepted getting a sweater. He’s a nudist and doesn’t like wearing clothing. It’s so cold though that I think he appreciated the sweater. He’s appreciated wearing his jacket when he’s been riding on the ATV.  I’ve had to stop a couple of times because he’s wet and shivering behind me. I get out his jacket or sweater and put it on his little body.  The same has happened when it’s been raining on the motorcycle and though he’s in his box behind me he’s got shaky cold. I get out the jacket he got from his family or a sweater and put it on him. I think this has all got through his natural resistance to human clothing on dog.  He also likes the treats.  But he really looks good in his new sweater.

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