Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cache Creek - more game viewing

It was the last weekend of moose hunting in Zone 3.  Tom and Gilbert and I got a head start by driving up Thursday night. Friday morning early we were at the A&W grabbing the breakfast Sausage and Eggers with thermos of hot coffee.
Driving in on the logging road we didn't see any moose. They're there. They have bird reconnaissance and squirrel security letting them know our movements.  They might even have satellite coverage.  We did see mule deer. Not close enough to shoot.
We drove around a bit.  I shot off some targets.  Later we got back to the Motel.  I read I Sniper.  Tom played ball with Gilbert.  We saw some logging being done. We also did some fine 4x4ing along some frozen marshland ground.
The next day we saw more mule deer but none with 4 points and no moose.  We did miss a half dozen blue grouse.  I'd not had the 20 gauge handy.  By the time I was firing the birds were flying.  It was clearly a case of birds 1, hunters 0.  Gilbert was not impressed.
We ate great meals.  Cache Creek is chock full of  restaurants and motels.  I had to go to Ashcroft to get long johns at the Fields.  It was cold.
I saw a lovely three point.  The scenery was great. It was a terrific time in the woods. Tom and I talked about God and politics and everything else. Gilbert ran circles everywhere. I hiked and sat in ambush.  We had met with other hunters and jawed a bit.  It was that kind of good weekend.
Not what I'd call 'hunting' , just more 'animal viewing'.

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