Friday, October 31, 2014

Emotional Reasoning

Emotional Reasoning is the reasoning of psychopaths and sociopaths.  Because “I feel” it is true, it is “true”.  Psychotics collectively respond to ‘emotional reasoning’.
“I knew she loved me so I forced to have sex with me so she would feel for me the way I felt for her."
“I heard the anguish in her story so she must be telling the truth”.
“No one would share such a heart wrenching story without it being true."
Emotional reasoning is the new “if it ‘feels’ right,” it is right.  In the age of rationalism people said “I think I should kill you so I’m right to kill you” . Today in the age of emotionalism people say, “I feel I should kill you so I’m right to kill you”.  The media sells by taking advantage of peoples emotions.  Every day there’s a dying child, a new war zone, the latest rape victim, another spotted owl going missing, the temperature going up or down, a volcano or an avalanche.  They sell ‘emotion’ the way Hitler and Stalin before them sold “ideas’.
But hey, who am I to question insanity, “If it feels good, do it”.  “You’ve got to be right because ‘it feels right’.
Personally I know why people have difficulty believing in evolution .  Evolution implies ‘forward motion’.  The media’s fear mongering and playing on emotions of citizens en mass for personal profit presents far more evidence of ‘devolution’.  Emotionalism is such evidence.  Cavemen and cave women and especially cannibals loved the logic of emotionalism.  Rationalism was a higher level of discussion.  Rationalists at least questioned whether eating your neighbour was ‘healthy’  but emotionalists merely depend on ‘group think’. The more mass appeal, the greater the sense of emotional rectitude.
Indeed, Hitler was likely the one to first develop emotionalism as the weapon.  The bully always uses 'emotional reasoning'.    

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