Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Red Coach Inn, 100 Mile House, BC

I told my friend Jackie that I planned to hunt in the 100 mile house area.  Jackie had lived there once.
"What hotel would you recommend?" I asked her.
"The Red Coach Inn is my favourite." she said.
"They've got a hot tub, nice pool, and I really like the restaurant.  The Super 8 is good but I prefer the Red Coach, probably because of the restaurant."
Well when Tom and I pulled into town after midnight. It had been a long haul from Vancouver after a long day of clinic.  I was really glad to see the after hours buzzer.  Surprisingly the night man was very pleasant.
I got a room with the truck near by out back, a two double beds.  Tom was impressed.
"It's really clean and tidy."
 Gilbert, the cockapoo was glad he was welcomed.  The rates were really reasonable.  In the morning at 7 am after too few hours of sleep we had the country breakfast in the restaurant.  Young and beautiful waitress far too bright for that early in the morning. After we loaded the truck with guns and ammo and headed off.  Eggs and sausage and ham and toast.
After a day of hunting we returned to the Inn at dark.  Another great restaurant meal.  I had steak and mashed.  Tom had something exotic. There really was a wide variety.   Tom had enjoyed the shower in the morning.  I enjoyed it in the evening. Gilbert exhausted fell right asleep after eating a Little Cesar.  He'd had to do guard duty on the room while we were at the restaurant, after a long day of hunting.  So he really was a tired pup.  Not too tired though to snack on a piece of steak I brought back for him. Then he was asleep. I think I read a page of Tom Clancy before I was out too.

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