Tuesday, December 4, 2012

University of Athens, Dec. 2012

I just happened to stop for coffee across the street so couldn't help but see these impressive buildings. Some had been defaced by revolutionaries of some sort. Reminded me of the 60's student outrage. I remember being passionate about politics back. Now I was more interested when I walked in to the main building to see that doctors were giving a lecture on drugs to help babies. Despite all the politics and emotion there remain those who study, research and make advances even in difficult times. Creativity goes on whatever the condition, sometimes from the sheer joy of play while at other times necessity becomes the mother of invention. I enjoyed talking to the refined young woman about the lecture and sharing I was in town for the neuroscience conference. I loved university, the study and research and am sorry for the politics. It was quite the impressive campus. I enjoyed the environs too with all the stores catering to students. Reminded me of Berkeley, Harvard and other city universities in that regard. Funky neighbourhoods. Those I passed whether students, teachers or those who just live and work near universities all had that bright animation I so enjoy seeing DSCN0258DSCN0257DSCN0260DSCN0262DSCN0261DSCN0263DSCN0264DSCN0265

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