Friday, December 14, 2012

National Voices

I've just been reading "National Voices", the 2012 Anthology of the Canadian Authors Association, Vancouver. As a member of the Canadian Authors Association, knowing well most of these extraordinary and talented writers in person, I'm especially grateful to read their works in this delicious smorgasbord of sizzling poetry and prose. I've concluded , that hanging out with writers is like hanging out with a marvellous bunch of underwear models. In their street clothes they're delightful enough, but when they disrobe they're downright titillating with these shocking, exotic and surprisingly colourful undergarments. Sometimes too, when they strut the author catwalk, the band playing, "I'm too sexy for my words!", I hear the hallelujah choir ever so faintly in the silences of periods, commas and semi colons. How I love that well placed exclamation mark! It's good to be a writer among writers, especially writers helping writers.

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