Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monastery of Elanosilifi, Crete, Dec. 2012

After that I picked up my car and checked into Kronus Hotel in Iraklion I drove south into the interior arriving at the Monastery Elafibsikues (I really don't have a clue how to spell this). This was a beautiful site. So peaceful, serene and sacred. I felt God here in that special way one does in sacred places. I put it down to all the prayer and meditation that has gone on and goes on here. It lingers. In the chapel I met a sweet little old lady who came up to my navel. She beamed and rattled on to me in Greek, not a word of what I understood. I sat for a moment praying for Mom and Dad not that they need my prayers but because I miss them. I took them for granted sometimes when they were always around and now miss them knowing they're not coming back. DSCN0293DSCN0295DSCN0296DSCN0298DSCN0299DSCN0300DSCN0301DSCN0302DSCN0303DSCN0307DSCN0306

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