Monday, December 24, 2012

Sailboat in Snow, Vancouver

Vancouver does have snow. It's just not that common. When there is snow all the driver on the road who haven't come here from back east go into overload and drive even worse than they normally do. I have electric heat, propane heaters and a diesel heater. When the diesel heater is on for a while the boat is really comfy but it takes time to warm up. Because of the amp limits of hydro supply on the dock the electric heaters simply keep the boat at the point where one is comfortable in sweaters and slacks. I don't like to wear that much clothing so the diesel heater is the ticket but it takes time to really heat up the boat. While this is happening I have a little propane heater which serves well. When I was sailing down the coast in winter I had the diesel heater on night and day around the clock and the boat was quite toasty. I prefer most though when the heat outside makes the sailboat a marvellous air conditioner. I suspect a nuclear reactor would be just the ticket for providing heat but barring that the diesel heater does well. My miata didn't like the snow but it's heater worked well and it handle the slippery streets very well. Gilbert with 4 wheel drive doesn't know what all the fuss is about. Right now I'm in a marvellously decadent and comfortable luxury hotel waiting for room service pizza and glad to be off the boat for a bit.IMG 2340IMG 2342

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