Monday, December 3, 2012

Lykabettos Hill and the Chapel of St. George, Athens, Dec.2012L

Lykabettos Hill is the highest hill in Athens. I can see it from outside the Hotel Ilisius. When I first arrived I asked if it was the Acropolis. At the summit is the little Chapel of Agios Georgios. The summit cafe and upscale restaurant is the Orizontes. The view of Athens is spectacular especialy looking down on the Acropolis and the harbour of Piraeus. The climb was worth it. A spectacular all round view of this city of some 5 million. There was a pleasant restaurant at the top where a pretty woman read a book while drinking coffee. A couple of lovers hugged and kissed in a corner. I took a turn in the path and luckily found the washroom. Only travelling are washrooms most appreciated. The Athenians are fastidious about washroom cleanlinesss which is even more appreciated. Then I climbed further to the look out where I had a great view of the ships in the harbour. I am looking forward to getting down to the dockside area at some point. Seeing the ocean and the big ships make me wish I had my sailboat here. That would be a very good thing and hopefully I'll still sail my boat to the Mediterranean. The view of the Acropolis was particularly dramatic. A chapel in honour of St. George is at the peak. A sweet older woman welcomed me. I took a picture of the silver engraving of St. George on his horse in classic stance. I didn't take a picture of the alter though having read in Lonely Planet that this could be considered offensive by the Orthodox. I've long known not to use a flash. The lady, perhaps a nun, motioned to me to take a candle after I put some money in the alms box. I thanked her, appreciating so much being accepted and invited to participate in worship. I lit the candle saying a silent prayer for Mom and Dad, and my friend George for I couldn't help but think of him here. DSCN0150DSCN0264DSCN0270DSCN0272IMG 2056DSCN0275DSCN0276DSCN0153DSCN0152 2

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