Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandy Hook, Guns, Asparagus and Social Terrorism

It's like Columbine all over again. The same occurred in Montreal. A tragedy occurs and those who have an ax to grind, or a gun to load or unload, derail the story with utter disrespect for the principal players, the victims and victimizer. These cabal of hyenas then put their brand all over the thing to sell their idea of a new world order or peace on earth stealing the Sandy Hook tragedy from those who forever live with the reality of the 'thing'.

What concerns me most about these random acts of violence, truly far rarer than the common random acts of human kindness that routinely go unreported, is that they overlook the most obvious facts of the critical drama played out by victims and victimizer.

 First and foremost the person who is accountable is the killer yet ever so very quickly we are distracted from the individual and individual responsibility to somehow feeling perhaps that his eating or not eating asparagus was as important as President Obama and the National Firearms Association.  The thing suddenly becomes about asparagus rather than about murder.

Frankly I'd think the Rifle Manufacturers wouldn't want to be drawn into this any more than a Toyota executive would wants to have his company's name mentioned when there's a car accident involving the deaths of dozens of 'victims'.   Rarely do I hear what 'brand of car' was involved in a drunken mass murder on the highways but  I actually learned what bullet types were used in this killing.  This is odd as  I can't recall anyone telling me the nature of the steel, domestic or foreign,  used in the recent slashing and stabbing that occurred down the street in my own city.

The critical factor to is that this man was part of a family and raised in a particular way in a particular community and went to a particular school. Somehow even our highly offensive media and this culture of irrelevance and  fatuousness have less influence on a person than the presence or lack of presence of a person's family. There is first and foremost accountability in the family and immediate community, followed by school and teachers and perhaps church, mosque synagogue and religion and lastly political party affiliation.   Did this kids' family vote democrat or republican in the last election?

For years we've been denying any relationship between children and their primary caregivers. This way when a child becomes a nobel prize winner we can't thank his parents for a job well done. Because simply, no praise, no blame. So some inanimate object, a tool, is held accountable for an intentional action rather than the people who gave birth and raised this child to manhood or increasingly in the case of violence these days womanhood. And I've known a mother who raised her son to jihad and spent every waking day of her time with him encouraging him to kill with revenge the infidels. But today I'd think Einstein wasn't responsible for relativity theory it must have been the pen or pencil he used that created that marvellous wonder of science.

It's amazing what can be given with mother's milk but we can't look there can we. We can't ask where was the father either.  Why wasn't  the father teaching his son the proper use and handling of guns. We can't ask either what gun safety programs were available in that community or what requirements specifically were in place around the purchase of guns if the guns were 'legitimate'. Somehow when teenagers are driving without a license and crash stolen cars we all register that there's something intrinsically wrong about the issues of possession, legitimacy and education in this case yet somehow those critical areas of concerns have been lost in competing agendas that have no respect for the victims or victimizers in this case and more concern with collecting funding for non profits and lobby group CEO's.

Not in a generalized consideration of a irrelevancies, but specifically what salesperson sold a gun to a man wearing a cap that said "I"m going to kill children first opportunity I have."? We ask bar tenders to assess the drunkeness of patrons before they are served so what occurred in this specific case? I don't know. I heard this whole important story immediatly hijacked by these dirty people with dirty agendas who simply love to pounce on these kinds of stories for their own promotion.  The causes and agencies with a dog in a wholly different fight were all over this story from the get go.  They lust for these kinds of the stories.

I never did hear the important parts of the very specific 'crime'. I don't know the name of the man who sold the gun to this man who was wearing a look "I want to kill my mother."  I want to know about that individual more than I want to know about asparagus.  I don't think what he ate was as important as what music he listened to or what magazines he read.

I want to know about this specific school and whether there were any courses on morality which I suspect were absent since God has been banned from the schools. I didn't hear any one saying 'perhaps we should return to having prayer in the school' since it seems these kinds of events have occurred in America since America dropped prayer from the curriculum. But I'm just a social scientist and I'd say that there have been guns around forever but this mass murder at the school seems to have taken an increase since we allowed the  courts rather than elected make decisions for society.

Now wouldn't that be interesting to hear from the media which frankly I would love to say caused these tragedies if only because there's often better news coverage these days from the late night comedians than the supposedly learned 'talking heads'. I do think that the whole exercise is about denying the individuals their personal tragedies and not letting the police do their work realistically, not politically and not as an 'entertainment' which this 'circus'  certainly became rapidly.

 It's not about guns as much as it's about accountability and responsibility and whether individuals, families, communities, business men or inanimate objects or whether he did or didn't eat asparagus is the problem. Next thing I'll be hearing is that this bad little monster kid ate at  Macdonalds and Big Macs cause mass killings so Macdonalds should go strictly vegetarian.

At least these events do wonders for reassuring us about the collective stupidity and herd mentality that will guarantee that more of these will occur. As we learned from teenage suicide epidemics, we can learn from Columbine and Sandy Hook , there's a whole lot of irrelevant inadequate needy individuals who will now know their way to fame is to shoot up their neighbourhood. That's why we put a muzzle order on the media reporting of terrorist acts back in the day of Carlos so that terrorists couldn't use violence as a means to get a stupid sideline view to the maximum number of people without going through American Idol like the rest of us.  As a result terrorism was then controlled better by the authorities. This kid was a social terrorist by any definition and these acts of apparently random violence are 'terrorism'.  As a result we should learn from the terrorist experts and take that learning into the schools.

When we advertise a teen suicide a dozen copy cats occur.   I'd like the media to be held accountable for it's celebration of death and to take some of the responsibility for this act of mass destruction. I'd point out to that the use of armed air marshals on planes and metal detectors are the best bet that multimillion dollar air industry has arrived at. When I enter a court room I have my bag scanned and empty my pockets.  I think kids would be safer in schools if the entrance had a metal detector and there was an armed security guard not unlike any government office. If anything perhaps we could learn from the death of the marines overseas and from these kids and ask what we can do to really make our schools safer because terrorism isn't going to go away just because we all collectively keened on face book.

While we're getting real we can also consider that this is the best evidence that removing God from the school has failed and perhaps suggest that a post constructionist study of morality and ethics in light of the learning spirituality should be as important to a school curriculum as art.  All the collective moaning and keening and angst isn't going to do much to stop the next attack. It's  being planned right now by some little nobody  needing serious psychiatric help in a society that would rather spend more money on public relations lawyers to do 'damage control' than on mental health resources to prevent the problem.

Let's get real. This isn't about inanamate objects, it's all about people. And personally I'm a little tired of those folk who get paid to hijack the news to their own ends. And yes we should also out law bombs, oops we did that, didn't we? And by golly gee, the president still has a security detail and the borders still have armed guards. Now why is that?  Don't you think we should care for our children, seriously.

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